A Quick Stroll Through A Few Provinces

Alert!  Alert!  Picture overload!

We have only been back two days from our mini vacay, and I'm already thinking about where we should go next.  Um, is that bad? 

Although our trip was short, we enjoyed every second of it, minus the lovely cold that Todd decided to give me on our very last day.  We arrived in Halifax early Thursday morning. Remind me again why I decided to book a 5:30 AM flight?  We wanted to make the most of our visit, so when we landed in the city we immediately went for a walk around the waterfront.

We then went for breakfast (hellooo eggs benedict) and then went shopping in the downtown area.  Later that evening we checked into our hotel and made our way to the Economy Shoe Shop for some food and drinks.  We really enjoyed this place.  They're known for having great nachos and lemme tell you, they did not disappoint.  The unique decor made it like no other place we've been. After such a long day and running on 4 hours of sleep, the drinks kicked in pretty quick so we called it a night.

When we woke up the next morning, we drove about 15 minutes to check out a mall that had stores  like H&M and Banana Republic that we don't have back here in Newfoundland (I know!).  We walked away from H&M with 3 full bags and in fact, the lady who checked us in even asked if we were from Newfoundland because of how much we bought.  I guess it's time to get with it Newfoundland!

After a successful shopping trip, we hit the highway around lunch time to start our 5 hour drive to where the wedding was taking place in New Brunswick.  Of course we had to make a stop along the way when we saw a town sign saying, "the world's largest lobster". 

Apparently the town of Shediac is now known for not only having the biggest lobster, but the biggest kids!!

When we arrived in Miramichi, we instantly fell in love with the town.  There were so many cute café's along the boardwalk, the people were extremely friendly, and the scenary was so beautiful.

We then met with Megan and her friends and family.  It was so nice catching up with everyone, and the anticipation for the wedding the next day made it even funner.  Drinks on the hotel patio turned into drinks at a local bar.  By the way, whose bright idea was that? Ahhemm, I'm looking at you, Todd!  We tried not to make it a late night so we were back to our hotel by 1 AM (thankfully with the bride).

Megan's parents had a lobster boil up after the rehearsal and since we couldn't make it, they brought some back for us.

The next day was the wedding and it was amazing. I'm so glad we made the trip to help them celebrate.  On Sunday we met up with the newlyweds for brunch and then we had to leave to drive back to Halifax.  This time, there were no stops because Todd was determined to make it back before dark.  When we arrived back in Halifax we went to Public Gardens to try and get in a quick walk before we went to dinner.

We hit up another pub called Your Fathers Moustache and then went to bed to catch our early flight the next morning.  My mom picked us up from the airport and brought Charley with her, and boy was she ever excited to see us.  I guess she missed us as much as we missed her.

So as you can tell, this trip consisted of all things that make any great trip; lots of eating, drinking, shopping, and exploring.  I've been trying to get back into eating better this week because my pants have been feeling a little tight since we've been back, but I'm finding it kinda hard.  Just imagine if we were gone any longer!