Almost Celebration Time

It's Friday!  Do you know what's better than Friday?  Long weekends!  And do you know what's even better than long weekends?  When your birthday happens to fall on a long weekend.

Yep, on Monday I will be celebrating my 28th birthday.  I'm still such a big ole kid because I always look forward to my birthday every year.  I have friends that don't, though, because they feel that their birthdays are just like any normal day. While this can be partially true, I always make sure to enjoy my day because it only comes around once a year. 

Celebrating my 27th birthday

It could also be from the fact that from as long as I can remember growing up, anytime someone complained about their birthday and turning another year older, my mom would always add in her "glass half full" view and say, "I am just always so thankful that I made it to another year and I have another birthday to celebrate".  Oh so deep, but oh so true!

By the time my birthday rolls around, I've already gotten use to the new number because the majority of my friends have turned it first.  8 months ago Todd turned 28 so I've had some time to process it.  In fact, sometimes I catch myself thinking that I'm already 28. 

I'm not really sure what we are doing this weekend to celebrate, but I'm sure whatever it is, it will be great (especially if there is cake involved). 

I'm thinking that tonight I will be playing the birthday card a little early. Since I'm still battling this cold, I will be doing nothing but relaxing. And thankfully these showed up in the mail yesterday to help me do just that. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!