Why Does Taking Time Off Work Have To Be So Dang Hard?

It's Tuesday and I'm super duper excited (yes, I just said super duper) because in just two days, me and Todd are leaving for a mini vacay.  My good friend from high school is getting married and, since there was no way that I was missing that, we decided that we'd turn it into a vacation by first flying into Halifax for a couple of nights and then driving to the wedding in Miramichi, New Brunswick. That means there will be a road trip...my fave!!

One of my favourite things about a vacation is the excitement leading up to it.  You know, that feeling of having something to look forward to?  It's seriously one of the best parts because it just seems to make everything that's going on around you a little better. 

Like when you're having a stressful day at work. The first thought that usually pops into your head is "I just have to get through these next few days because then I'll be going on vacation and this place will be the last thing on my mind".

Or, when your alarm clock starts making that annoying sound and you just want to roll over and go back to bed.  It seems you drag your lazy azz outta bed a little quicker 'cause you know in just a few more days you can sleep in as much as you want.

What about when you're eating your dry plain chicken breast for lunch and now you get to think about all the new restaurants that you'll soon be trying and, like your work, you know your diet will be soon taking a back seat.

But, here comes my least favourite part (and trust me, it's my ONLY one)......

Why does taking time off work have to be so dang hard?  For me, I pretty much always know that I'm going to be camping out in my office before I take any time off.  Not only do I have to try and clue up all of my work for the time that I will be missing, but for some reason random crap keeps getting added to my pile that would never show up otherwise.  Aint nobody got time for thatt!

With all of that said though, I would gladly take eating lunch at my desk all week and working a few late nights if it means that I get to pack up my things and go on a lil adventure with my lovebug.  Who's with me on that one? 

Ps:  I already have my sad dinner packed in my lunch bag for tonight just in case!