Birthday Recap

I'm a little late posting my birthday recap but it's only because I'm still trying to recover from my hangover all of the fun.

Our sweet friends decided to throw me a party the night before my birthday.  The boys decided to deep fry a turkey to get the party started.  If you've never had this before then you're seriously missing out.  Just make sure you've had a few drinks first so you're not thinking that you should have brought defibrillators with you as your side dish.  I'm kidding, it's really not that bad.

After we gobbled up all the food, it was then time to get serious.  There were shots of sour puss and fireball being passed around all night and after that was gone, people were finding anything and everything to pour into shot glasses.  And since I was the birthday girl, I was an easy target.

The end of the night resulted in a dance party in the garage.  Needless to say there were no pictures from that point on.  So much fun!

The next morning, though, was not so much fun.  I awoke to a throbbing head and it took me about 10 minutes before I registered that it was my actual birthday.  FYI, celebrations should always take place after your birthday so there will be no chance of sleeping the day away.  Luckily, I was a big girl and powered through and was able to meet my mom for breakfast at 12:00pm (hey, I didn't say how long it took me to become a big girl).

I spent the rest of the afternoon in a zombie like state on my new computer.

Later that evening, myself, Todd, and mom went to the Keg for dinner and had the most delicious meal.

I felt so loved, and despite starting the day off a little "under the weather", I had such a good day.

Looking back, 27 was really good to me; I got engaged, Charley joined our family, I found out I'm going to have a new niece or nephew, and we were able to do more travelling. Not too shabby!  I'm excited to see what 28 has in store for me.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend.  Thank goodness for short work weeks!