Chores That Drive Me Crazy

I spent a couple of hours a few nights ago cleaning my house, trying to undo all of the damage that was done by two lazy people and one hyper puppy.  When you're scrubbing the floors and you're by yourself, your mind starts to wander and it got me thinking about what chores I hate the most. Now, I could make this short and sweet by simply stating the obvious, which is ALL of them, but I figured that wouldn't be much fun now would it, so here they are.  I'm also secretly hoping that Todd reads this post and makes sure I never have to do these things again.  
Changing the bed sheets
I don't do this one half as often as I should, and I should be doing it a lot more than most people, because when you let your dog share the bed with you (don't judge me), who only knows what could be hiding in those sheets.  I cringe at the thought of having to do this chore by myself, because I've always felt this was more of a two person job.  It takes me 10 minutes just to figure out which way the bottom sheet should go on, and then when I do, I still end up having to face the hard task of actually getting those stretchy corners to stay on the mattress.  It never fails, as soon as I get one corner done and move on to the other one, the last one decides to pop off.  It feels like I'm playing one of those whack-a-mole games and somebody should be handing me a rubber hammer at any moment.   It's pretty much smooth sailing for me after this point though, I just have to do another quick lap around the bed, tucking in the sheet on both sides before the last one can go on.  
Taking out the garbage
This is one I rarely do so I guess I shouldn't complain too much, but every single time I do, the garbage bags always decides to burst open as I'm dragging them across the hardwood floor from one end of the house to the other. This results in me standing in the kitchen for five minutes debating whether or not I have time to clean up the mess, until I actually give in and scrub the kitchen floor at 7:30 AM in my good work clothes.
Cleaning the shower
I'm sure I'm not the only one who waits for the red goop to build up on the shower floor to be a sign that it's time to get cleaning.  It really sucks having to spend time cleaning something that no one will ever see or appreciate all of your hard work.  In fact, it's one that you, yourself, can rarely enjoy.  How often do you ever say, "oh wow, it feels so cozy in here now"?  In my opinion, that energy could definitely be put to better use.  I also hate the daunting task of having to take out the hundreds of bottles that's been collecting in there since the beginning of time, just to clean the tiny shelves so I can put them back in the exact same spot again.

And every single time I finish cleaning the shower, I always make a promise to myself that the next time I'm just going to throw on a bathing suit and hop right in there in order to get the job done right.
Putting socks away
I don't mind folding or putting laundry away, but when I see a pile of individual socks staring up at me from the bottom of the basket, then we have a problem.  My socks aren't so bad because all the different prints and colors make it easy, almost like putting together a toddlers puzzle. But when I see Todds socks, which are all white with the same label, I don't even bother going there.  When he checks his drawer he'll end up seeing them staring back at him too because, let's face it, aint nobody got time for that!
There you have it, the chores I hope to never have to do again.  I figured cleaning the toilet would make this list, but when you let the toilet brush do all of the work, it's really not fair to give it such a bad name.

 My new motto from here on out
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  1. I hate changing the bed sheets too. It's the most annoying task ever. Why do they NEVER fit when you go to put them back on?

  2. I just found your blog on the sidebar of Erin's blog (I'm sponsoring her too!), love it! I feel like I could have written this post!! I never take out the trash (my bf Brian does it), I hate putting away socks (I leave Brian's on his dresser for him to do), and changing sheets sucks. I usually just spray Tilex when I get out of the shower, but then this weekend I decided to try that pinterest trick of putting dish soap and vinegar in one of those dishwashing sponge thingies with the handle. I scrubbed the shower with it while I was in there the other day and it worked surprisingly well! Just a tip though, put the vinegar in second and store it upright or else vinegar leaks everywhere! Anyways, I'm excited to be following along!