Did I Say A Productive Weekend?

30 September 2013

Happy Monday!!  I know, it's not too often you see those two words sitting right next to each other. Despite the weekend being over, I'm in an extra good mood this morning.  I love those days when you're super cheerful and you have no particular reason why.  Sorry to anyone who may be suffering from the Monday blues.

I left off on Friday saying I was going to be extra productive this weekend since Todd was working and it would be a great chance to get some well needed things done.  Yeah, well I should have known that I was fooling myself because that didn't happen.  I did, though, do lots of blog reading over the weekend if that counts as being productive. I'm going to pretend and say it does.  I wish I could say my reason for slacking this weekend was because I was doing lots of fun things, but I can't even say that.  

I spent Friday night hanging out with my mom and watching random things on t.v. and I think I was in bed, again, by 10 o'clock.  I must be getting old because I honestly can't remember the last time I made it past that time on a Friday night.  

Saturday was a much needed Charley filled day.  It was raining every single day last week, so she desperately needed to release some craziness energy.  We went to the dog park, walked around the pond that was close by, and then walked to a friends house so she could play outside with their dog. After 3 hours, she was completely exhausted which meant that I had accomplished my main goal for that day.  It also meant that momma could enjoy some quiet time without having to chase her around the house trying to figure out what kind of trouble she was in to.
 When Todd got home that evening we went downtown for some pub food and drinks.
Staring at the menu, so many decisions!
Todd practicing his photography skills. 
Not really, I'm pretty sure I blocked his view because he only wanted to take a picture of his beer.
Busted, mid chew!!
After that we drove out the airport to greet my dad who was away working for three months.  Three whole months, that's a long time.  Don't feel too bad for him yet, though, because him and my mom are leaving for a trip to Vegas tomorrow.
Even though I have no pictures to show from Sunday, I met my friend for breakfast and then we went for a walk with Charley, of course, because dog owners would never dare go for a walk without them.
Hope you all had a great weekend, whether you were productive or not!

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  1. Looks like a nice relaxing weekend! I can totally relate to the 10:00 Friday night thing, I need to get out more, ha! your pup is adorable

  2. Looks like a great weekend! And agreed, dog owners never go for walks without them :-)

  3. I love your sweet little baby Charley!
    I really need to take Maci out for walks too :)