Five on Friday

It's that time again!!  You gotta trust me here when I say that I'm going to have to dig deep to come up with 5 things off the top of my head that stood out to me this week.  Like real deep. Work has been crazy busy which has left me no time to do hardly anything else other than work and sleep, and there really hasn't even been much of that last part going on since I've had to be in to work for seven o'clock each morning (waaaan).  That's the reason why I started doing this weekly post, though.  I knew there would be crazy and hectic weeks along the way and I wanted this to be a place where I could stop and think about the little things that happened, even if it means having to reach into a bag of tricks and perform some magic here.  Let's see what I can come up with.


I found my visa card!  Wahooo!  I guess I could turn this around and talk about how mad I was that I actually lost it in the first place, but nope, I'm moving on.  It's been on the missing list for the last few days and every hour I debated about whether or not to call in and report it lost, but I kept procrastinating because I was really hoping that I just misplaced it somewhere around the house. Luckily, I found it in on my car floor yesterday evening and now the lazy part inside of me can breathe again because she really didn't want to go through the trouble of having to be put on hold forever just to cancel it and then have to wait for a new one to arrive.

Last Sunday I bought new pillows and curtains for our living room and I think it looks so much better.  It's funny how small little touches can make such a difference.  Every time we sit in our living room now, it feels so much brighter and cozier and it makes us enjoy spending time in there even more.

I can't believe that after going through hundreds and hundreds of pictures, I can't find a single one of the living room before we made the changes. Gesh, what kind of blog is this if I can't even show you a before picture?  To get the affect, try and picture dark red curtains and patterned brown/red pillows.

The "after" picture that I remembered to take.
Pretend you don't see all the doggy foot prints everywhere!

This one really "filled my heart" this week (I just couldn't resist).  My good friend from work went shopping on her lunch break one day and she brought me back a pair of black flats from Ardene because she heard me talking earlier about how I needed a new pair. They fit a little snug but I've been wearing them at my desk trying to stretch them out and I think they're going to fit just fine. Wasn't that soooo sweet of her?  And what's even sweeter is how she gave them to me.  When she came back I asked her if she found anything at the mall and she said, "meh" and then she trotted on back to her office.  A few minutes later I left my desk to go to the washroom and when I came back, they were on my chair staring up at me.  Heart melted.  I honestly could have squeezed the crap out of her right then and there but I didn't want a sexual harassment case on my shoulders!!

You have no idea how much things like this means to me.  I'm a firm believer in the saying "it's the thought that counts" because there is nothing better than knowing that someone is thinking about you at a random moment.

Okay, now this is getting tough. What else is there?
Oh, despite not making it to the gym in a while, I've been staying on track with eating good so that deserves a pat on the back!  I also get extra bonus points because there was one night that I didn't get home from work until 9:30 after working almost 14 hours and I really, really, really had to pull out any will power I had left to avoid not grabbing a big bag of chips and crawling in bed (I did crawl in bed right away though, just without the chips).

And now I think I'm all out.  I guess I'll cheat a little and say that number five is that I'm super excited because it's FRIDAY!!  That totally counts, right?   Todd has to work this weekend (booo), but I'm going to use this as a time to try to be extra productive.  Let's see how well that goes over!

And there you have it.  Doing this list, and making myself remember these things, honestly works. The crappy week that I thought I was having doesn't seem all that bad now, and in fact, it makes me realize that it was pretty good after all.

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  1. Your living room is gorgeous! It is always so nice to change out simple things like pillows every now and then for a new fresh look.