Great Music, Great Friends, Great Weekend

It's a good thing that I was super busy and had two exciting events on Saturday, because if I only had to write about what I did the rest of the weekend, it would make for a very short and boring post. I think I was asleep by 10 on Friday night and Sunday was spent relaxing mixed in with some grocery shopping and cleaning.  Luckily, Saturday was so much more fun.
The day started off bringing Charley to the spa (it was actually the groomer but we were telling her all morning before she went that it was the spa...ssshh!). 

The finished result.
And within an hour her bows had fallen out.

We were then off to our nephews first birthday party.  Todd's brother and sister in law always know how to throw a great party, for both kids and adults.  There was so much food and everything was ahhh-mazing.  

Once we left, I kicked myself in the butt for not taking more pictures, I guess I just didn't want to move away from the food.  Oh well!
As soon as we left the party we rushed home to get ready to go to the Brad Paisley concert.  Here's what I wore: 
You can imagine how well I fit in at the country concert with my blazer amongst all the jean jackets, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats.  

I instantly became a huge fan of Brad Paisley Saturday night.  I think it was the second best concert I've ever been to in my life (the first being Bon Jovi).  His voice is incredible and what I loved the most was how much he interacted with the crowd. 

Another cool thing was that when he sang "Remind Me" (the duet with Carrie Underwood) he had a hologram of her on the stage so that it looked JUST like she was singing right next to him.  It was freaky how real it looked. His last song of the night was "Alcohol" and boy did the crowd ever go nuts.  Great way to the end the show!

After the concert, we made our way to George Street with some friends.  Newfoundland is probably known for one thing and one thing only, and that's George Street because it's famous for having the most bars per square foot in North America.  It definitely is something you have to experience if you ever visit.
We drank, we danced, and we laughed a bunch.  

I have no idea why Todd's lips looks redder than mine!!!!


Whenever we're downtown on George Street, I can never leave without getting a poutine before I go home and this night was no different than any other night. Whoever came up with idea of putting cheese and gravy on fries is a complete genius. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   

We also may or may not have made one more stop to get a slice of pizza too before we went home.  #sorrynotsorry

And because of the damage that was done on Saturday, I will now be eating salads for the rest of this week. 

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  1. I love Brad Paisley, he's so good live, but I also love poutine. We used to do sunday dinners with our friends in Alaska and one time we challenged them to make poutine. They had never heard of it!

  2. So jealous that you got to see Brad Paisley!! He came here awhile ago, but by the time I decided to buy tickets, it was too late. Next time though! And Charley is too cute with those bows :)

  3. Yum to poutine!

    I saw Carrie back in December and she had that same thing with Brad when she sang Remind Me. It looked so real and for a second I thought it was him!

    Looks like a fun concert!!!