I'm Taping My Mouth Shut

10 September 2013

I've been stuck in a big rut lately when it comes to eating good and exercising.

To be honest, now that I'm actually admitting it to myself, I've probably been in this rut for a couple of months now.  I need to figure out why, so I've been sat here for a while now trying to think of some reasons and I've come up with a few possibilities:

(1) Summer and all of it's bbq's, ice cream, and deck beers have completely taken over any self control I once had.  I mean, who wants to eat salad when there's burgers and chips flying around?

(2) There has been absolutely no time to exercise when summer has been hosting all of those bbq's, and ice cream and deck beer gatherings.  Who wants to pass up any of those activities for a gym session?

(3) Excuses and pure laziness.

That's pretty much all I got.  I blame summer.

Just a little sample to help my case

In all seriousness, my motivation just hasn't been there like it normally has been, and my pants and swollen cheeks haven't been afraid to let me know either.  Do you know that I actually caught myself first thing Sunday morning reaching for a box of smarties that were there from the night before? 

I've struggled with my weight for a long time (I'll save that for another day) so it worries me that if my excuses and pure laziness  summer keeps getting in my way,  I'll revert back to my old, horrible habits (like eating smarties for breakfast).

But, like any problem, admitting it is the first step.  And that's why I am here, and why I'm laying it all out there.  I figured at this point I need some accountability, and what better way to hold yourself accountable than to plaster it over the internet?

So, I'm making a promise to myself that I will get back on track.  I've bought my groceries and have already packed most of my healthy lunches for the week.  I know that if I can have a great week of healthy eating, then my motivation will quickly follow.

Well, thanks for listening to my pep talk to myself, I'm already starting to feel more determined. Check back to see some of my progress, unless there's been none, in which case feel free to lecture me.

Has anyone else been feeling the same way lately?

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  1. It's so difficult to resist the yummy things! I think it starts with small changes and you seem to be well on your way! You can do it! :)

    I ate 2 bags of candy at work today and am currently drinking pop. Fail.

  2. HaHa!! Thanks for making me feel better!

  3. One good habit always leads to another...once you start eating healthy you will have more motivation to exercise and VV.