My 4 Most Used Summer Items

Can you believe that summer is almost officially over?   I'm having a hard time letting go and moving on, so over the past little while I've been trying to squeeze in every last summer item that I own. When you live in a province like Newfoundland, this has actually been a lot harder than it sounds for the beginning of the September.  The temperature has dropped dramatically and it seems there's been at least some amount of rain every day over the past couple of weeks.  
With that said, I wanted to share some of my favourite items that I bought this summer, things that will make me extra sad if I have to put away until another year.
Aldo peep toe wedges - I bought these back in March before we went to Jamaica, specifically for our trip.  I figured instead of packing a million pairs of shoes to go with different outfits, I could save some room in my suitcase and just pack these. Never did I think that these would be the shoes I would live in all summer.  I wore them to work, going out on the weekends, and also to the three weddings we attended. Every time I finished getting dressed, I always found myself reaching for these because they went with everything, were super comfortable, and really cute.  If Charley happens to chew these up tomorrow (and let's face it, it's a good possibility),  I will know at least I got my money's worth.


Essie smooth trick deep-conditioning cuticle oil - I used this every single morning.  Before I would leave the house to go to work, I would quickly add this to my toes and within minutes it looked like I just came from getting a pedicure (okay, maybe not that good, but you get the idea).  Although this isn't necessarily a summer item, I can't see me using it too often in the fall when I know socks or tights will be covering my toes!

RW & Co. Jean Jacket - I bought this jacket specifically to wear with a particular dress, and again I was so surprised how much I wore this over the summer.  It seemed like every time I wore a skirt or a dress, I felt like I didn't look "put together" until I threw this on over it (which is really ironic because it's so casual).  I'm sure a lot of you can agree with me on this item, because it seemed like jean jackets were everywhere this summer.  That reminds me, do any of you fashionable ladies know if this item is carrying over into fall?

Oh, I also can't forget about the face tanner I talked about here, because that definitely makes this list too.
Are you all excited to put away your summer clothes and dig out those boots, scarves, and jackets?

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  1. I have those wedges and love them JUST as much!! I think I got mine in February or March too and have worn them a TON!!! They ARE comfy, totally agree and look great with everything! I'm soooo with you on this one, they. are. awesome. !!

    Love that denim jacket!! Great colour too :)

  2. It's funny because I remember not that long after I bought them, I happened to see them on your blog and I immediately had to tell my boyfriend that I picked out the same pair of shoes as you. It made me even MORE happy about my purchase! haha!