Pick One- Blogger BFF Style

Although I'm a newbie over here with this space of mine, I've been reading blogs ever since my lovely sister introduced me to them a few years ago and I've been obsessed hooked ever since.  FYI, I will be forever grateful to her because of this!

As soon as I would open my eyes on a Saturday morning,  I would make my way to the nearest Tim Horton's to get a coffee and then instantly rush back home so I could sit in front of my computer and start in on all of the blog posts that awaited me.  I'm sure you all know how it starts off. You're reading one post when another blogger on their sidebar happens to catch your eye, so you make your way on over to check them out when that blogger mentions another blogger that seems interesting so you just have to click on that link to see what all the fuss is about.  Before you know it, three hours have passed and you're still in your pajamas and still sitting in the exact same spot on the couch.

Well, luckily for me, my searching paid off because I happened to find two hilarious bloggers that I've been following since the first time I read their posts and literally laughed out loud.  Despite being from completely different parts of the country, these two have become best blogger friends and it is so entertaining to watch their friendship grow one post at a time (in fact, they are actually visiting one another right now so they're probably squeezing the crap right out of each other as we speak at this very moment).  With all of the excitement and anticipation of them getting to see each other, I guess they didn't want to use up any of their creativity on a blog post when they could be putting it to better use (like planning their next four days together) so they decided to do a random link up where you just pick an answer between a compilation of comparisons. Sounds simple enough, right?

Before I get to that, have you guessed which two bloggers I'm talking about yet?

They're known as one of the best power couples/ blogger duos in the blogging world.  In fact, if you're reading my post right now and you don't know who I'm talking about, then this word just became very, very backwards.

Here are some more hints:
Miller Lites
Bagel Bites

How about now?  I think I'm making this too easy and just giving it away.
Yoga Pants

You guessed it; Erin from Two Thirds Hazel and Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants To Work. If you want to laugh until your cheeks hurt or if you ever just want to know that someone out there is having a worse hangover than you, then I sincerely advise you to check these two bff's out. Don't be surprised, though, if in three hours you're still in your pajamas and sitting in the exact same spot on your couch too.

Okay, so I'll get back to my list.  What would I rather?

Vacationing in Florida or vacationing in NYC: I guess I'll go with Florida and ONLY because I visited NYC last year and I haven't been to Florida since the 4th grade (which probably doesn't even count if the only thing you can remember is Snow White shaking your hand).

iPhone or Droid: It took me so long to get on the iPhone train and now that I'm finally on board, I don't think I ever want to get off.

NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: NSYNC, oh how I loved thee.  Plus they gave us Justin.

Being forced to delete Facebook or being forced to delete Twitter:  Hmm..I never thought I would say this but it would probably be facebook because twitter has become much more appealing to me.

Fireball or Miller Lite:  Probably miller lite because after my last birthday, I hope to never see another fireball shot being passed around.

Full House or Family Matters: Full house, and mainly because they gave us Uncle Jesse.

Dumbledore or Gandalf:  Huh? I guess the fact that I just had to ask google who these people were makes it pretty irrelevant who I choose, right?

Dying Easter eggs or Carving pumpkins:  Carving pumpkins.  I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who has never done this before, but don't worry because it's on my list to do list for next month.

NFL or NCAAF:  Again, I don't really know the difference.  Please don't judge me.

A hangover forever or sobriety forever:  Definitely sobriety forever.  I can't handle my hangovers like I use to, so the thought of being stuck with one forever, well that's just plain silly.

January or July:  Oh, an easy one!  July for sure, because we end up spending all of January trying to shovel ourselves out of our house.

Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus:  Can I pick somewhere in between?

Shark Week or Fashion Week:  Probably fashion week, although I would be able to go on if there were neither.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Saved by the Bell:  Tough one, but I was addicted to Saved by the Bell so I guess that one wins. Who doesn't still love Zack and Kelly?

Britney or Christina: Hands down, Britney.  I hear I'm going to have to make a trip to Vegas just so I can see her perform I'm A Slave For You.

Burrito or Burrito Bowl: I never had a burrito bowl (again, no judgment) so I guess I'll go with that one just to try something new.

Reading blogs on your phone or reading blogs on your computer:  On my computer because I feel like I can't get the same affect on my phone.

Angelina or Jennifer:  I was always a huge Jennifer fan, but the scales got weighed more heavily after the whole Brad and Angelina thingy.

Doug Funny or The Rugrats:  I've heard of the rugrats but not Doug Funny. I never would have thought that while doing this list I would feel as unknowledgable as I do.

An open mouth chewer or a heavy breather:  Tough one!  Although I hate an open mouth chewer, I guess it's the lesser of two evils because, unlike the breather, the open mouth chewer hopefully wouldn't be doing this all day.

Oh, in case anyone needs a reminder, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

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  1. You never carved a pumpkin?! You should skip work right now, go buy a pumpkin and carve it immediately. It's so much fun! Messy, but fun. I never had a burrito bowl either though.. so we're on the same page there.

  2. You've actually never carved a pumpkin?! Friend! Make that a must do. :)
    Do burrito bowls even exist in Canada? ha

  3. bahaha! I know, it's hard to believe for me too!!