Weekend Cabin Getaway

Don't you just love those weekends when you can get away and not have to think about one thing?  Not one thing? I know I do, and I know that's exactly what I did when I spent this weekend at our cabin.  (We also didn't have much of a choice when there was no cell phone service or gas stations or malls around for at least a half hour). 

Remember how I said earlier that Todd has a very handy-dandy dad?  Well, here's what he's been working on for the last couple of years.

Our cabin is now at the stage where it can be slept in, so we've been completely taking advantage of this the past two weekends.  This time, though, we had some friends join us!

There was lots of exploring.

Lots of bike riding.

Lots of Charley-filled activities.

And of course lots of eating.

We had a blast this weekend and we can't wait to do it again, hopefully really soon!

I know Charley had the best weekend out of all of us because she was so exhausted when we got home yesterday, she spent the entire evening sleeping.

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!  I'll say goodbye now on this note.....


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  1. Oh my, Charley is just too adorable. And that beach looks perfect. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!

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  3. The cabin is gorgeous!!! I can only imagine what the inside will look like! So nice to be able to get away, although seeing people in long sleeves and jeans is blowing my Florida mind! ;)

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  5. Haha so fun!

    WOW!! The cabin looks AMAZING!!!!!