I Did It And I Have Proof / Five on Friday

You guys, it's Friday!!  I'm not saying that as a reminder because I'm pretty sure that you were all well aware of this when you woke up this morning with more excitement than most mornings, but I just love hearing those words.  It's FRIDAY!!  I think it has a certain ring to it, wouldn't you agree?

I will say that this week seemed to crawl by, though.  I think it had to do with the fact that each day I kept thinking that we were one day closer to the weekend than we actually were.  On Tuesday I had to convince myself that it wasn't Wednesday, and then on Wednesday I had to convince myself that it wasn't Thursday.  And then yesterday morning I had to wipe that smile off my face when I realized it wasn't Friday.  I hope that the days of the week wants to play this little game with me on Sunday, though, so I can experience that sweet feeling of getting to roll over and go back to sleep when I realize that it's not Monday.  Isn't that the best feeling in the world?

Anywho, the point in all of that was that it's FRIDAY and that means it's time to look back during the week and think of five things that stood out to me, big or small, that made me happy.


I talked yesterday about how I was really nervous about telling people about this space of mine and I'm happy to report that I did it, I actually told my best friend.  Relief, happiness, and even proudness were all the emotions that I experienced once I did.  That was huge for me! 

This was how I told her.

She did make me sweat a little during the day though, because after I told her she ended up having to run some errands and it took a couple of hours for her to tell me what she thought.  Way to leave a girl hanging!  Butttt she told me she loved it and, in fact, last night she texted me again wondering if I was going to be posting another one or if she had to wait until tomorrow.  I wonder if I should warn her that she's entering the addicting world of blog reading?

After all that yesterday, I'm thinking that next week I might even try to build up my nerve some more and tell someone else, if I want to. Again, baby steps, remember?

Our good friends got engaged last weekend and I am so excited for them.  We're hoping to celebrate with them soon and plus I'm dying to see her ring in person!  I'm also secretly hoping that when she starts to plan her wedding, that she'll start planning mine too!

Although I might be slightly jealous, I'm extremely happy that my parents are in Vegas right now.  After my dad working for three months straight and my mom taking care of my grandfather (or pop, as I call him) every minute of the day, they are definitely deserving of a much needed break.

In fact, my mom was that exhausted the first night she got there that she ended up falling asleep super early and in such an unusual place.  This is what she messaged me on facebook:

Leave it to my mom to fall asleep at a concert!

It's the first week of October which means that I'm wearing a pair of boots as we speak. I'm not really sure why I had to wait until the 1st, though, because with the weather that we have in Newfoundland I could have worn them all summer long and I still would have blended in. Anyways, I'm excited to be wearing them now and plus I bought a new pair last week so I can't wait to show you those soon.

I entered a blogging giveaway for a $10 Starbucks gift card over at Seriously Kate and I actually won! Wahoo! I can definitely now see a couple of skinny vanilla lattes in my near future.  Although, I feel like that because I'm blogging and it's October, I should be saying pumpkin spiced lattes, but the truth is that I'm not a huge fan.  Please don't stop reading!  Other than that I'm pretty normal, I swear.

That's it for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!

And a big thanks to everyone who has been reading, it seriously means sooooo much to me!

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