I Have My Pumpkin, Now What?

No, not that tiny thing. 

Well that's a lie, I did take this little guy home with me because he was just too cute not to, but I also got a few others that were much bigger because the word on the street is that I have to do something with these pumpkins now.  You see, a little while ago I mentioned that I had never carved a pumpkin before, and I'm pretty sure I shocked a few people and made their faces go all funny when they found that out. It's true, though, I'm guilty! 

But I've now had some time to look back and re-evaluate what I've been doing with my life in all of the Octobers that have passed, and I've come to the conclusion that I must have been missing out on something pretty important.

So, because my life has not been complete yet, I made it a mission this year to put carving a pumpkin on my fall to-do list. Luckily me and Todd had a free day together last weekend, where the the weather was actually decent, so we took advantage and made our way to Lester's Farm to find me some pumpkins.

It was the perfect fall day so I made Todd participate in a little photo shoot.  And I have to say that I was pretty impressed with how these pictures turned out (which is why you're seeing a gazillion of them posted here).  Maybe after three years with a DSLR camera, I'm finally getting one step closer to knowing how to actually work it. Possible, but not likely.

"Go big or go home" was my motto when I was picking out these pumpkins, so I ended up getting four large ones and two teeny tiny ones.  I mean, I figured it couldn't hurt to have a few extra as "back ups" just in case if the task of carving them is as difficult as it seems.

As you can see, I am now officially one step closer to scratching this task off my list. 
Stay tuned for the next part; the result of what it is that I'm actually supposed to do with these.

And please, wish me luck!

This may be my first and last time ever doing this.


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  1. Girl, y'all look so cute! I'm sure your pumpkins will be adorable!

  2. What a nice looking farm! The pictures definitely turned out well. Have fun carving! :)

  3. How fun!! Can't wait to see your carved pumpkin!

  4. look at your gorgiegorgeous self!! love the pics. pumpkin patch pics never get old to me!!!! :)


  5. What great pics!! Love that you got backups!! Haha! Can't wait to see what you carve, and don't forget to roast the seeds!

  6. These pictures are too cute!! And I really want to carve pumpkins now!

  7. Carving pumpkins is really only exciting for the first 10 minutes and then it just turns into a huge pain/mess. Not gonna lie. Haha!

    Love your boots too missy!!

  8. Your pumpkin picking outfit is really cute! I have yet to go pumpkin picking!


  9. cute pumpkin picking pictures!! Loving that scarf & boots.
    I don't think I have ever carved a pumpkin either. My parents probably did for me when I was little, but me actually carving I don't think has ever happened. Maybe next year :)
    It just seems like it would be fun for a little bit then it's just a big mess hahah hope you enjoyed the experience!