My Very Fist Pumpkin Carving

What better day to showcase my very first pumpkin carving then today, on Halloween.  

A couple of nights ago I figured it was time to take all of those pumpkins I had sitting on our front step, which if you remember from here was quite a few, and finally put my pumpkin carving skills to the test.  

I called Todd at work earlier that day and asked him to pick out a stencil for us for later that night. I ended up finding a "welcome" one online, which I immediately printed off when I realized that it was probably the simplest one I was going to find. Todd, on the other hand, came home with the most detailed thing I have ever seen in my life, and I'm not kidding.  As soon as it landed on the counter, I burst out laughing. This was just another example to show how different our mind sets can be sometimes, and what each of us brings to this relationship. I can be more of 'the play it safe' type of girl, while Todd is without a doubt, a risk taker. And yes, I realize I just analyzed our relationship based on how we each picked out our stencils.

I'm pretty good at knowing my strengths, and I was pretty confident that carving a pumpkin wasn't going to be one of them.  So, after convincing Todd that we needed to start small, we finally agreed that we would start with mine and then assess the situation at the end (you know, because the 'play it safe' girl has to analyze everything).

I seriously had no idea just how much work was involved. Boy, this thing takes time, and lots of it! And don't even get me started on how particular you have to be with the actual carving part.  I'm pretty sure that if Todd didn't do the majority some of the work, I probably wouldn't have this to show right about now. 

Needless to say we didn't make our way to the second stencil Todd had picked out, and I'm so glad we didn't because we would have ended up having to take the next day off work just to finish it. 

So, I can now officially say I've carved my first pumpkin, and while it was fun, I think it's out of my system until next year.  And who knows, maybe next year we will defeat Todd's masterpiece.

And over the last couple of days, it's been on the radio and all over facebook that there is a shortage of pumpkins in this city, so we sent out a message earlier saying that we have extra pumpkins if anyone needs one, or two.  Okay, three.  I'll know better for next year...
Happy Halloween!
My nephew, Nathan.
My sister sent me this picture last year, and I remember automatically sobbing when she told me that he kept giving away his own candy out of his bag when he went to each house trick-or-treating.