Renee. Yup, That's My Name!

17 October 2013

When I first saw that Jessica, Miranda, and Kelli were doing a link up that revolved around your name, my initital thought was that I probably wasn't going to join because there was nothing that special about the name Renée, especially not enough to center a whole post around it.

Even though I wasn't participating, I was still curious enough to type my name into google just to see if anything interesting would appear.  The first thing that it told me was that it's French origin, but there was really no surprise there because I guess the é kind of gave that away. I did find out, though, that the word means "to be reborn".  Huh! Cool! Learned something new.  Still not really exciting, though.

I mean, yes, my name is one that children can never pronounce. If you happen to have a child under the age of four, try to get them to say Renée and see what they come up with.  If they happen to nail it, well then I'm pretty sure they just landed themselves a spot in the guiness book of world records too. 

My two year old nephew, along with the majority of other children, calls me Nay, but that does not bother me one bit. In fact, he could call me whatever his little heart desired to call me, because whatever it is that he utters out of that cute little mouth of his just melts my heart.  And everyone in my whole family thinks it's pretty hilarious that he was able to master saying Uncle Todd before Nay.

But other than that, I figured that's pretty much all I had to share.

Until it hit me.  Wait!  How could I have forgotten about this? 

See apparently my parents, along with the doctors, were convinced that I was going to be a boy.  For the first time that just made me question why the doctors thought I was going to be a boy?  I wonder did they see something that made them think that?  Or were there no ultrasounds back then?  I'm going to pretend I know the answer here and say it's the latter.  Anywho, obviously when I was born things wern't what they thought they were going to be and, instead of Ryan, I turned out to be the little girl with no name. 

So, what do your parents do when they don't have a name picked out for you?  Oh, just let the name of their daugter lie in the hands of their other four year old daughter and let her pick it.  I was told that there was a Renée on Days of Our Lives back then and my sister happened to love that name. Again, I just questioned why my sister was watching Days Of Our Lives at four years old.  Gesh, I have so many questions for my family.  I guess I should just be thankful that she was watching Days of Our Lives and not the Care Bears because you could be calling me something like Grumpy Bear right about now.

Well, there you have it.  I think that was worth sharing, wouldn't you say?  I mean, how many other people can say that they were named by a four year old?
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  1. Haha!! Well you definitely got lucky that your sister was watching something other than cartoons! Renee is pretty, I hope you thank her for not picking Grumpy Bear.

  2. The story of how you got your name is really cute! I think your name is very pretty.

  3. I like the name, my cousin's husbands name is Renee!! Is that good or bad? Either way still like it! :)

  4. Haha I am definitely going to ask a little kid how to say Renee soon, I can't wait to hear! thanks for linking up :-)

  5. that was worth sharing!! I have lots of friends with that as their middle name :)

  6. So cute!! My parents asked me what we should name my sister before she was born, just for fun to see what I'd come up with. I really wanted her name to be Sheila (because I had read a book about a worm named Sheila who was allergic to dirt), and I was SO convinced that they were going to take my advice. They did not. But, that's lucky for her, because in hindsight, Jessa is a cuter name than Sheila, I think :)

  7. I love how you got your name! Top secret (yes, everyone else can read this comment haha), Mr.C's name is Rene..but shhh!!

  8. I love the name Renee, my mom wanted my middle name to be Rene after her best friend but my dad was having none of that so I got Ann.

    I think your four year old sister could have come up with a lot worse names based on what my daughter names hers dolls. :)

  9. I am a twin, and my mom was convinced she was going to have a boy and a girl. I was supposed to be Hunter. But since I was a girl, they chose Rebecca instead, but I didn't have a name for a bit. My sister is Jessica, which they had picked out already.

  10. I like that your sister named you :) that's sweet. Weird that a 4 year old was watching Days of Our Lives, but sweet nonetheless! Hahah