Someday I Will...

When someone like Taylor (I don't know why I just said someone like Taylor, because it actually is Taylor and not her fake self that she talked about here) hosts a first time (I think) link-up, you could bet that I would be joining. I mean, I don't want to be the only kid not going to this party she's hosting because you know it's going to be a good one.  And thankfully there were no invitations, because I would hate to be stuck home on a Friday night and then have to hear about this party at school on Monday  So yeah, back to the link up. Of course I wanted to join. It also had nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with a little thing called bloggers block. I'm a little glad you can't see my facial expression right now.  So here we go.....

Someday I will learn to spread out watching an entire TV series over (at least) a week, instead of plowing through it in a day or two and then get so disappointed because it's all over and I have nothing else to watch, like I normally do. 
Someday I will realize that there are other food groups besides chips.

Someday I will feel confident in a bikini (or at least medicate myself enough to feel confident in one).
Someday I will save enough money to surprise my parents with a trip or do something really special for them.
Someday I will realize that when I get home from work, it's okay if I stay in my work clothes. And if I do want to change into something more comfortable, someday I will realize it doesn't always have to be pajamas.
Someday I will travel to Italy and eat nothing but pizza and gelatos.
Someday I will stop playing the petrifying game of 'lets see how long I can drive around on my gas light before I break down'.
Someday I will stop procrastinating. And luckily this starts off with someday and not today...phew!!!
Someday I will learn how to spell procrastinating, and not have to use google as my spell check.
Someday I will train Charley to do really amazing things like to not eat the treat that's placed on her nose until I give her a command. Or, you know, even train her to not jump up on counters, not pull her momma when we walk together, or at the very least to "stay" so I can get some decent pictures.  Dream big Renee, dream big.

Someday I will actually hear my alarm clock go off (at least after a half hour), so that way if the smoke detector ever happens to go off, I will hopefully have a small chance to escape before I burn in my bed (which is what would definitely happen now).
Someday I will teach everyone that the toilet paper roll goes on this way, and someday I will convince Todd that if it's all gone, it means another one has to go back.

Someday I will print off all of my pictures to put them in photo albums, and then someday I will get a piece built on to my house so I have a place to store them all.
Someday I will be brave enough to chop off my hair.  Shoulder length that is. I want to be brave, not crazy.

Someday I will have a shoe closet like Carrie Bradshaw, but for now I'm happy to imitate her the best I can.

But more importantly......

Someday I will actually figure out what my dreams are.

Someday I will follow those dreams and not stop until I reach them.

Someday I will find my place in this world and know, without a doubt, who I am.

And someday I will realize that I should not wait for some day, but start doing all of this today.
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  1. Someday I would like to have a shoe closet like Carrie too! And print off all my pictures so that I can actually look at them in an album instead of my phone. And I think the the bikini confidence doesn't exist is a woman's brain even though it should! Great 'somedays' :) Have a good day!

  2. Yes!! Thank you for doing the toilet paper right! haha and I'm right there with you on binge-watching tv shows

  3. ugh the photos! I so need to do this too! Just found you through the link up and can tell we have alot in common! and what is it with men and toilet paper?!

  4. Someday I will feel confident in a bikini... I'm right there with you. Maybe after some plastic surgery that might actually happen (completely kidding though :) ).

  5. One of these days I will feel confident in a bikini, too! I'm pretty excited about it.. Also, hate to tell you, but that's not how the toilet paper goes! Haha. Oh, and you're also spot on the closet like Carrie's and the printing of pictures. I just need to figure out HOW to print those pictures, since apparently iPhones and digital cameras take pictures in weird sizes, so they don't easily fit into the Walgreens printable sizes. If you figure out how to do it, will you let me know?!

  6. Saving enough money to send your parents on a trip, that is such a good one! For my mom's 60th this year we threw a surprise party and asked everyone to chip in a little bit of money to help us send her to Hawaii, she's divorced and really can't afford things like that anymore. She was so shocked when we presented her with her trip itinerary at her party, it was an awesome feeling!

  7. If my husband could change one thing about me it would be the game of gaslight Russian Roulet I play every couple of days! One day I will stop it.....but I will never feel confident in a bikini. Glad I found you through the link-up!

  8. Haha totally with you on the driving around with the gas light on. I don't know why I do it, I drive MYSELF crazy!! I would love to actually put my pictures in albums, that's the one bad thing about digital. Loved this post! (someday I'll chop my hair too) :)

  9. This is an awesome list. Fyi Chips is a great food group. And when you teach your man about the toilet paper roll, can you come and teach mine how to put something in the recycling bin instead of on the kitchen counter?

    p.s I'll come to italy with you. And you're gorgeous lady - wear that bikini!


  10. aww loved this list! Your dog is so cute! I'm with you on the alarm clock, I almost never hear mine go off!

  11. Love your somedays!! I will always put on pj's once I get home, they are so comfy!! Victoria's Secret ones are my downfall. I am in for a trip to Italy for pizza and gelato, lets goooo!!!!! I may be the only girl who doesn't care about the toilet paper thing, but there best be some toilet paper in the bathroom!! :)

  12. I totally play the gas light game's a dangerous one, but I've surprisingly never lost haha. And Steve was the one who had to teach me about the toilet paper roll, but he likes it going the other way (I just didn't care which way it went, so I was fine with that) too funny :-)

  13. your toilet paper is on the wrong way :) just saying

  14. More than half this list could've been my list - it's like you read my mind! I have got to stop changing into frumpy clothes as soon as I get home too - it really just means more laundry for us!!

  15. Your fist line cracked me up!
    XOXO- some like Taylor ;)

  16. Ahhh I totally do the same thing with my gas light. I always wait until the very LAST possible moment- especially in the winter! Hate pumping gas.

  17. Agree with Carrie's closet!!! That would be a dream come true.

  18. Totally agree with 1 and 3 but totally disagree on the toilet paper thing - funny how everyone has an opinion on something so simple. Great list :) x