The One Where I Didn't Need Strangers

Since the majority of my weekends are often spent in my pajamas, when I happen to have one that's as jam packed as this one and actually worth sharing, I figured I get a free pass for being a day late.   Plus, since everyone usually posts their weekend recaps on a Monday, hopefully you're a little more cheerful while reading this one because we're now one step closer to next weekend.  See, I think Tuesday recaps are where it's at.  Look at me, just making up my own rules and everything over here! 

It's strange, though, because my weekends over the past couple of months have went from one extreme to the other; they've either been so busy that I feel like I need another weekend just to recuperate, or so boring that I contemplate asking anyone who I meet in the street if they want to do something with me.
Fortunately for me (and for those strangers walking past my house), this was a fun-filled one. 

ONE// Successful shopping trip with my friend Kristle after work on Friday (although I left without the one and only thing that I wanted to get; a new fall jacket).

TWO// We made our way after to Boston Pizza for dinner and because it was Friday, we just had to particpate in Fishbowl Fridays.

THREE// More girl time on Saturday afternoon for some shellac manicures.
FOUR// Saturday was the first nice day that me and Todd had off together, in what felt like forever, so we took advantage and went to Lester's Farm and we got ourselves some pumpkins.

FIVE// Dinner at Montana's.

SIX// Accomplished some much needed cleaning (we were so suprised because even though we were busy, we still got so much done around the house). Score!
SEVEN// Bought myself a new dark (to me) lip colour- Revlon Mauvy Night.
EIGHT// What we considered our Thanksgiving dinner.

NINE// Celebrations on Sunday night with our newly engaged friends.
Hope everyone had a great weekend, too! 


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  1. Ummm that Fish Bowl!! I want one! Loving that lip color on you. Looks like a fun filled weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I love fish bowl drinks and I love that yours was in an actual fish bowl! P.S. You're so pretty!!

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Weekends with lots of activities are the best :-) And I'm loving that nail polish colour!

  4. What a busy weekend! Love the mani color and the new lipstick color! Look at you branching out! :)

  5. Love those manicures! Looks like a great weekend!

  6. Love the nail polish and now you've made me want to go eat at the keg for dinner..mmm!
    Lame question, how do you get your photos all nicely lined up like that?

    1. Have you tried picmonkey? You can make different size collages.

    2. That's actually what I used Sarah, picmonkey. I would have NO idea how to do that without that wonderful program! Plus, it's free..unless you want to do certain "special" things that costs extra!

  7. Looks like you had such a wonderful weekend! You manicure looks wonderful!


  8. Nothing wrong with switching up traditions and making new memories :) I didn't have turkey for thanksgiving dinner for the first time Iin 27 years! Ps. That fishbowl look delish.

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