Our Dog Ate Our...Hockey Tickets!

I don't think there's anything cuter than puppy prints.
We had our very first snow fall of the season on Saturday night and, unfortunately, it won't be our last.

It's true, our dog ate our hockey tickets.  And I'd just like to say that if you've ever had someone in your class who told the teacher that their dog ate their homework, there may have been some actual truth to that story.

Charley was kind enough, though, to leave just a teeny, tiny smidgen of evidence for us. You know, just enough to let us know that our tickets were destroyed so bad that they couldn't even be pieced back together. Some girl! 

I really do think she had that plan up her sleeves for days.  Although she can be a complete nuisance, she's actually freakishly smart.  And since she hates being left alone, I think she waited for the perfect opportunity to jump at the chance to destroy those tickets so we would have no other choice but to stay home with her. I mean, she knew that a lazy Saturday night meant lots of extra treats and lots of cuddling for her.

But me and Todd decided that there was no way we could let her outsmart us, so we left early to go to the hockey game Saturday night in hopes that we could get the tickets reprinted.  Obviously Charley really knew what she was doing, because since the tickets were given to us by a friend from work (who is now in Jamaica), the tickets weren't in our names and the lady behind the counter didn't really buy the whole 'dog ate my homework' story either.

So, after spending over a half hour trying to find a place to park, there was nothing else to do but drown our sorrows in some food.  I also had a house warming party later that night, so it still turned out to be a great night, with Charley sitting home all by her self.  Ahhh, the messers become the messies!  (Friends, anyone?).Sunday we met our good friends for lunch, and then later we decided that it was in our best interest to do something with Charley to avoid any more destruction.

The pond was so calm, and it made for some great pictures.

After looking back at my last two weekend recaps here and here, you'd swear I was making this stuff up. I wish I was, because it really does make for some interesting stuff to share on a Monday morning, but we all know that I'm really not that creative or smart enough to come up with such stories....just Charley!
Hope you all had a great weekend!