The Dreaded Night

06 November 2013

Last night was the dreaded night, the night that I had been avoiding and had been putting off and putting off, until I ventured home from work yesterday evening and knew I had to face this night head on and finally do the unthinkable....go dress shopping for my work Christmas party.

Yup, you read that right.  We have our work Christmas party this year on November 16th.  And yup, you also read that right, too.  That's not this Saturday, but next!  Believe me, it's taken me quite some time to try and process that.  Do you remember yesterday when I talked about how I don't usually have very strong opinions about things?  Yeah well, I guess I can now start a list of things that I have strong opinions on and put 'having a Christmas party on November 16th' right smack dab at the top of that list.  I seriously have no idea why it's so early, but what I do know is that while this girl here in Canada will have one Christmas celebration already over, any of you Americans that are reading down there will still be preparing for your Thanksgiving feast. 

Okay, so back to the dress shopping part. I love shopping, but I hate dress shopping because I never, ever have a good experience with it.  I end up going to a million stores, trying on a gazillion dresses, and end up paying way more than I would ever want to spend on a dress that, if I'm being honest, will probably only be worn a couple of times (and if I'm being realllllyyyyy honest, only once).  But this year I really didn't want to put myself through the stress of waiting and not looking until the day or two before the party like I did last year, so I decided that last night was going to be the night. 

This was mine and Todd's conversation yesterday evening after we finished supper:

Me:  I think I'm going to the mall, do you want to come with me?
Todd:  The mall?  Yeah, sure, I wouldn't mind going to the mall.
Me:  Okay, perfect, because I wanted to start looking for a dress to wear to our Christmas party.
Todd:  Oh, never mind, you can go on, I'll stay home.

I must say, Todd is usually very good when it comes to doing things with me; things that sometimes I'm sure he doesn't want to be doing.  But apparently Todd has a list too, and obviously dress shopping was right at the top of his list of things that he will never do. I couldn't really blame him, though. I mean, I didn't even want to be doing it, myself. And there was no way I was going to ask someone else to join me because I really didn't want to put anyone else through that torture, too (just Todd!). 

So I went to the mall, and after about two hours, I returned home with a dress. I still went to a million stores and still tried on a gazillion dresses, but here's the best part, I only paid $42.70 for my dress, thank you very much!  If you wouldn't call that a successful shopping trip, then I don't know what you would. 

Regular 89.99 but marked down to 53.99 and then when I got to the cash register, BAM, another 30% off. 
I think that deserves a little heart thingy around the price.
And I have no idea why the texture of this dress looks like it's tweed, but it's not, it's just another crappy photo from my phone.

What do you hate shopping for?


  1. Girl, I hate dress shopping too! At my previous employer, our holiday parties were a BIG DEAL, so for 4 years, around this time of year, I would dread it. What made it worse, was that there was always a theme to our parties and we were encouraged to wear something with the theme. ie. one year it was Oriental Express, another year it was black and white or something of the sort so it always added an extra complexity!

    My current employer has a really casual holiday party that doesn't involve wearing a dress - thank goodness!

    I'm glad you found one. Can't wait to see what it looks like!

  2. Ugh dress shopping sucks!! Glad you found one! Last year my bf's Christmas party was in November too. It was after Thanksgiving was already over at least, but it still felt weird.

  3. Dress shopping is the worst!! Can't wait to see it on you! Ours is on the 11th or something and I am not even sure if I am going. Last year it was really lame.

  4. HOLLLERRR! Great deal! Where'd you get it from??? I hardly ever shop anywhere besides TJ Maxx or Mashalls...I really should get outside of my bubble but I love a good deal :)

    I'm also jealous you get to go to a company party. Maybe I should throw one for myself lol.

  5. It is the best when you get to the register and realize what you're buying is even less expensive than you thought! Glad you found a good deal :)

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