Weekend Recap With A Twist

04 November 2013

Instead of jumping right into my weekend recap, I figured I would start this Monday off with some trivia. I'm sure the majority of you are not fully awake yet this morning after the weekend, so what better way to get those brain cells turning then by trying to solve some problems. And apparently I'm not quite awake yet myself because I don't actually think brain cells turn.  Anywho, grab your coffee and take an extra couple of sips, but don't panic if you can't figure out the answers right away because I'll provide some multiple choice to help you out. I mean, after all, it is Monday.

After not having any interaction with your boss for a couple of days, why would she walk into your office on a Friday afternoon?
A. To compliment you on your sweater that you've worn a gazillion times before.
B. To tell you that because you're such a great worker, you get her office with the bigger desk.
C. To tell you that the remainder of your work can wait until Monday, so you can leave early to enjoy the rest of the day.
D. To tell you that she wants you to work over the weekend.

If you answered D, you would be correct.  I found out Friday afternon that I was going to have to work over the weekend because we're swamped right now in our department. Even though my weekend consisted of some work, I was lucky (maybe lucky shouldn't have been my word of choice there) because I had no set time on when I needed to be in, just as long as I worked the hours.  So, I worked about four hours on both Saturday and Sunday morning because I wanted to have my afternoon's free.  Which brings me to my next question.

When you attend a kids birthday party, what should you avoid so that you don't feel like crap after?
A. One peice of cake.
B. Two cupcakes.
C. One and a half cookies.
D. Three or four handfuls of candy.
E. All of the above.
It was our neices (on Todd's side) fourth birthday party Saturday afternoon and not only did I not avoid the options above, but I ate every single one of them (plus more).  Yup, leave it to me to eat more than the kids at a birthday party. I'm not sure if it was the "under the sea" theme she had going on, but everything looked super appealing and I really couldn't resist. 
Okay, so if you did happen to eat all of those things at a birthday party and then you had to go to another friend's birthday party later that night, what should you do to make yourself feel a little better?
A. With one hour to spare, immediately run to the mall and search for a new top.
B. Only look for flowy tops that don't rub up against any part of your stomach.
C. Cover yourself in black from head to toe.
D. Add extra, extra makeup.
E. All of the above.
And "all off the above" was exactly what I did, and I must say it actually helped.  Next time I will remember, though, that it's so much easier and cheaper to just not pig out right before you have to go to another party.
And last, but certainly not least, what happens when your fiancé discovers on a Sunday afternoon that he unplugged the deep freeze about a week ago and forgot all about it?
A. You go beyond the point of being mad and not say one word to him.
B. A smell goes through your house that's so horrible, you have to spend hours with your nose tucked inside your sweater.
C. To try and disguise that awful smell, you light more candles than the selection that 's available at Bath & Body Works.
D. Even when your fiancĂ© cleans the entire deep freeze, you still spend hours cleaning every nook and cranny in your house because you feel like it will never be clean again.
D. All of the above.

Oh how I wish right now that I made this question up just for some fun, but unfortunately we have two bags of meat that are sitting in a garbage box outside our house, just waiting for the garbage truck to come by and pick them up any minute now. You have no idea how thankful I am right now for our Monday garbage collection.  
Well, that was pretty much my weekend rolled up into a nutshell some questions!
 Hopefully you're all ready to tackle this week now!


  1. You looked gorgeous on Saturday night! Your make up looks flawless!

  2. 1) Having to work on the weekend is the worst!
    2) The birthday party food looks amazing. I probably would have eaten way too much too!
    3) Oh my gosh, I don't even know what I would have done about the deep freeze!! Brutal!
    Also, your make-up looks fabulous :-)

  3. Ohhh no! So sorry to hear about the freezer issue, that's one of those things that would be so frustrating, but what can you do about it?? Also, I don't blame you for indulging at the birthday party, all those desserts are so cute!

  4. As if working on the weekends aren't horrible enough you had to deal with the deep freeze issue! That stinks! The clam shell whoopie pies and the cake are too cute! At least you looked cute on Saturday night!

  5. What a rough few moments for you this weekend. I could go for some of that cake right now...mmmm.

  6. Well at least you had fun at two parties before realizing the nasty smell :)

    the niece's party theme is REALLY cute.

  7. that little mermaid theme is awesome. your hair = perfection!!