Dear Bennett

You and your mom, December 17th, 2013.

Dear Bennett,

It's your Auntie Renee, but I'll be known as "Nay" to you for the first few years of your life. Although you don't know me yet, I already know so much about you and you were only born two days ago. In case you're still confused about me, you can ask your big brother, Nathan, to fill you in.  I'm pretty sure he'll tell you nothing but really cool things about me. I wanted to write you this letter to not only tell you a little bit about your family, but to also tell you how much you're loved already and hopefully one day when you're old enough, you can look back at this and be reminded of just how much. And, if you're anything like your aunt, sentimental things like this will be right up your alley.

I'm not one to be usually stuck for words, but I can tell already just how hard writing this is going to be.  The reason why this is going to be so hard is because there is honestly not enough white space staring back at me here now to describe how special your family is and just how much they mean to me.  I will try my best to keep this short, though, because I don't want this letter to be a bedtime story that your parents use each night to put you to sleep.

Well, you're now the second child for your mommy and daddy, and I'm sure you might be thinking that the second child is never really as special as the first.  But, as the second and youngest child myself, I can tell you that you already have such an advantage over Nathan. Yeah, sure he has the first born thing going on, and yeah, you probably will get stuck with all of his hand me downs, but you get a big brother to look up to, and I can guarantee you Bennett, that is better than anything else in this world.  I can not picture my life without having your mom as my big sister (and honestly I wouldn't want to), and even to this day at 28 years old, I look up to her probably even more than she knows. But you'll find that out for yourself when you get a little older and want to hang out with your brother and all of his friends. Don't be surprised, though, when he shuts his bedroom door and then moves his dresser across the door so you can't get in. Not that I know anything about this, but I've heard screaming bloody murder will help you get inside the room pretty quick. Oh, and another really, really cool thing about being the youngest is that your mom and dad will probably be a little more relaxed with you, or at least that's what our parents told us. You can ask your mom about that one day, though, because I'm sure she has a lot of stories of some of the things she would get punished for compared to me.  Don't forget to make her tell you the good ones, okay?

I will tell you, though, that neither you or Nathan will have a very good chance at getting away with things because your mom was famous for never getting caught at some of the things she did growing up. Because she knows all the good secrets now, it's going to be next to impossible for you guys to try and outsmart her. So, good luck to you and your brother with that.

If in fact you do happen to get in big trouble, I'll only be a phone call away or a quick visit to Newfoundland away. Okay, I guess Newfoundland isn't that close, but it's close enough that you'll get to visit often. You'll soon quickly realize that Newfoundland will be your home away from home. Oh the fun you're going to have; going to the cabin, the beach, going fishing and going for bike rides with poppy (he'll totally let you press the gas throttle), and even helping nanny with her flower gardens. You have to promise me that you'll keep an eye on Charley while you do that, though, because she has a tendency to tear up all of the flowers.  Just ask Nathan about all the fun you're going to have when you visit. This past summer he got to do all of those fun things, and he even dug up his own worm to put on his fishing pole.

The time you get to spend with your nanny and poppy, Bennett, will be some of your best days ever. They truly are the most special people, and you are so lucky that you have them as grandparents. Nanny will teach you to be the kindest and most honest person you can be, and your poppy will teach you to go out of your way for other people. That reminds me, if you ever stay over at nanny and poppys when you're older and you need to be picked up late at night, ask poppy because, trust me, he's your man. Even though nanny will be in bed while you're out, she actually won't fall asleep, though, until she hears the door knob turn and know that you made it home safe.

And where do I even begin with your parents?  I really don't think I need to tell you all of the wonderful things about them, because I know you'll soon start to see them for yourself, if you haven't already.  I will tell you, though, that weekends at your house are going to be awesome and they're probably going to involve your moms famous pancakes. The hikes you're going to go on with your family will become a weekend routine, and even when you get older and you can walk by yourself, your dad will still carry you on his back.  But if your dad ever tells you you're getting too big to carry, you tell him about the time before you were born when we all went on a six hour hike and him and Uncle Todd had to keep taking turns carrying your big brother. If he could do it then, he can do it now. Oh, and let's not forget about another person in your family that will be your best friend until you're old enough to not drop your food on the floor. But even then, I'm sure your dog, Boston, will still be your friend if you continue to purposely drop the food you don't like (no hints, or anything).  

Well Bennett, I hope you enjoy reading this letter as much as I loved writing it, although I will tell you I'm here now crying like a baby (not that you're going to do any of that, though).  But, it's all happy tears and they truly are the best.  Before I say goodbye, I want you to know that whatever you become, without a doubt, we only want you to be happy.  It may sound cliche (get your mom to tell you what that word means), but you'll quickly realize that we one hundred percent mean that in this family. And although I won't get to see you everyday, just like your family hikes, face time will also become a part of your weekend routine.  Before you know it, just like Nathan, when you see me on that screen, you'll automatically start asking for Charley and Uncle Todd.

Oh, and one more thing that's pretty important. I know your mom is probably going to teach this to you because our mom taught this to us, but make sure you never, ever, ever go to bed being angry with someone (which, trust me, will always work in your favour between you and your parents if you do something bad).

I can't wait to meet you in one week, Bennett, and help celebrate your arrival with all of your family.

I love you,

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