Healthy Countdown To Christmas- Week 2

Wow, 2 weeks can certainly make a difference, wouldn't you say? ;)

What?  You mean you don't believe that's me up there?  I guess I couldn't really fool you with that hair colour, hey?
So, just as I was sitting down last night to start thinking about all of the healthy things I did this week, the Victoria's Secret Show was brought to my attention.  And when I say, "brought to my attention", I actually mean I had feathers, jewels, and legs sticking out of my TV screen at one point. 
I think Erin summed up this day perfectly.

As much as this show made me want to start rummaging through my junk food cupboard right then and there, I quickly decided against it because there was no way that I was adding that to the category of "bad things I ate this week". Plus, ain't nobody gonna get legs like that by eating junk food. Okay, so let's see how I did. 

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The good:
-I continued to eat really good this week and I know a big part of it was due to packing my lunches the night before. This really does make a huge difference.
-I really impressed myself with my clean eating on Thursday and Friday (when I wasn't working) because I find that I have a tendency to get more off track when I'm off than when I'm working.

The recipe for the muffin can be found here

The okay:
- I really wish I had more to share in the fitness department again this week, but unfortunately I don't.
-I got out for two runs, but one of them was a super short one as it was freezing. 
-I know this is better than doing nothing, but I really need to start picking it up a little bit more.

The bad:
-Drinks and a poutine late Saturday night and Chinese food for dinner on Sunday.
-Does walking around a mall for hours and hours counteract these things? Let's hope so!
-But again, sometimes it helps with your motivation to sneak one (or two) "not so good" things in there.

I'm feeling much better over the last couple of weeks then I have in a long time so I'm really happy about that. It's amazing how making small changes can do this.

 I can't believe that we have only 2 more weeks to go before Christmas!!
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