Let The Festivities Begin

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Saturday night was the perfect start to our Christmas holidays.  Since we're leaving in a few days to spend Christmas with my family in Toronto, we asked all of our friends to come to our house so we could have a fun celebration with them all before we left.

And party celebrate we did.

We made our pregnant friend do a shot of 7UP with us!

Although you would never say it from these pictures, there were actually male bodies floating around too.  But who wants to see boys when you have all these pretty ladies stealing the spotlight?  

We also had one four-legged "person" who stole the spotlight probably more than anyone else there.  Almost twenty people came through our front door Saturday night and Charley decided to bark for a good five minutes at each person.  If you're like me and can't do the math to figure out how long that was, let's just say there was an awful lot of barking going on.  Luckily she relaxed as the night went on, thanks to everyone feeding her lots of treats.

Apparently I coloured my hair red during the party.  

The last person didn't leave until around 3 o'clock in the morning so I would say Saturday night was a success (especially for Charley who went to bed with a full belly).  Sunday, on the other hand, was not so much of one.  I don't think Todd's bum moved from the couch all day and I wasn't a whole lot more productive either, unless you count eating all of the awesome leftovers from the night before.

We're soon leaving to spend the next few days with Todd's family before we leave for Toronto so I better go now and start helping Todd load up the vehicle.  Or, at least stand in the porch and tell him what a great job he's doing.  He always tell me what a great foreman I'd make.

I'm still waiting for my white hat. 

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