Christmas Holidays- Part 1

03 January 2014

2014. A new year. And the very first post of the new year. Wow!!! I can't wait to hit publish on this post so I can see two different years listed under my blog archives thingy down there over in the corner.  So exciting! It's the little things, right?

You would think that with a fresh start to the new year I would have started this post off with a more creative title, but the holidays sucked out whatever creative juices I once had just as quickly as how they disappeared.

I know Christmas is technically over, but my motto has always been that Christmas is never over until it's time to go back to work.  So, since I'm still on my two week break, I'm pretending that Christmas is still happening in my house right now.  

And actually it kind of is. We cut our trip one day shorter and took a red eye flight from Toronto last night to avoid getting stranded at the airport because of the snow storm we're expecting to get here today. Which, by the look of things, was probably the best decision we've ever made since that time we decided to replace Charley's squeaky toys with non-squeaky ones, because I can't see across my street right now from the blowing snow.  Pair that with my Christmas tree still shining bright and our presents nestled neatly under the tree from not being touched since we opened them on Christmas morning, and hence the reason why it still feels like Christmas.

But since things are slowly starting to return to normal around here, I now have time to sort through the million and one photos I took over the last few weeks to finally share them.  

Let's see how much I can actually remember about them.  Okay, so the few days before Christmas were spent with Todd's family, where we dedicated an entire evening to watching their old home videos of Christmases from years ago.  I have never seen anything cuter in my entire life than watching an eight year old scrawny boy opening presents in nothing but tighty whities.  Did that sound just as pervy to you as it did to me?  Moving right along.

We got back home Christmas Eve, just in time to squeeze in any last Christmasy things we wanted to do before Santa made his appearance.  Since this was going to be the very first Christmas morning we would spend together, we decided to put a 'open one present' rule into place this night.  Buttt, the deal was that we each had to pick out the present that the other one was going to open.

I picked out slippers for Todd to open.  Say whaa?  Yup, that's exactly what he said too.  In my defense I wanted to save all of his good gifts for the next morning to make it even more special for him. And it also could have been much, much worse. I was going to get him to open his new toothbrush but I was pretty sure that if I did that, I would have awoken to nothing under the tree for me.

Todd, on the other hand, picked out the most thoughtful gift for me.  

Look familiar?  I loooooved (add in a lot more o's there) it.

And then at 5 a.m. the next morning it was time to open the rest of our gifts.  Yup, you read that right; a.m.  A.M. as in, "AM I the only one who is up before the crack of dawn?".  He warned me, he did.  But I just assumed that he wouldn't be too anxious after that whole 'slipper situation' from the night before.  Imagine if I had let him open his big gift?  Yikes!

This seemed to be the year of the electronics.  Momma got a brand new DSLR camera that weighs more than me (OBVIOUSLY an exaggeration) and Todd got an iPad.  We were both so stinkin' happy!  Especially me, since my old camera was on the verge of dying a slow and painful death. Now I look like the real deal with this thing.  Until, that is, I take pictures with it and then you'll know I'm still just an amateur.  But don't they say that looking the part is half the battle?

I must say, I look pretty bright eyed in that picture up there. I'm guessing the coffee was working its way into my veins by this point.

Next up- the second half to our holidays with my family in Toronto.

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