Christmas Holidays- Part 2

08 January 2014

So, remember that time I posted about the first part of my Christmas holidays and then said part two was coming right up next?  No?  Good, me neither!

But apparently I did, so I apologize if you're sick of hearing about Christmas especially now that we're in the second week of January, but I can't help and share this next part because it was my absolute favourite part. And it had everything to do with these people; my family.

It's true. No matter what it is that we do during the holidays, whether it's visiting, watching movies, playing games, or simply just sitting on the couch for days on end, it's always my favourite part. FYI- having two weeks off from work comes in at a very, very, close second place.

In fact, we happened to do all of those things during our time at my sisters house in Toronto except, this year, we had a few more on our list.

Playing trains (Thomas, to be exact, because apparently no other will do) was number one on my nephew's list, and we all took multiple, multiple turns playing. Thanks to him, I now know every one of the trains names from the Thomas collection, as well as their numbers and colours. Sometimes he'd give us a break, though, and let us read him a book or play with his puzzle, but it was a very short break and it still had to be Thomas related.

We also played pass the baby a lot, but that was something that I never wanted to take a break from. I could have snuggled with this little guy forever.  If babies are as quiet and peaceful as this little one, well then hand one over to me, please. I'd prefer to skip right over the whole 'birth' part...yikes!

My mom and my sister and I took part in some nail pampering on New Year's Eve, which was the first time us girls have ever done that together.  I vote that this be a yearly tradition!  Or, better yet, a 'whenever we see each other' tradition. 

Todd and I took the train into the city where we spent the entire day staying inside, instead of venturing outside into the freezing cold.

My sister and brother-in-law, the optometrists, hooked Todd and I up with some eye exams and some new glasses, which was desperately needed since I was still sporting my six year old ones.  It certainly pays to have connections!!  I have a best friend who is a dentist, so if I only knew someone who was a dermatologist and a personal trainer, I'd be all set.  Soooo, who wants to be my friend? :)

Our traditional poker game took place (twice, actually) and just like every other year, I was one of the first to get out.  Apparently they can "see right through me".  Pfffft!  Well, I now have a full year to perfect my poker face, although I have no idea where to even begin with that.  Again, who wants to be my friend?  Anyone?

Oh, and we also spent the day at the newly opened Toronto Aquarium where I may or may not have met another blogger while we were there.

Buttttt I'm going to be sneaky and leave you hanging for another day to hear all about that.  So check back soon!

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