(Last) Weekend Recap

23 February 2014

I've been such a bad bad blogger lately. In fact, I hardly even showed up at all here during this month. Not good Renee, not good!  Seriously, where has this month gone?  Anyone?  

I'm actually going to continue to be that bad bad blogger for a little while longer because I'm leaving tomorrow for Mexico, which means I'm pretty much going to ignore everything that doesn't revolve around making sure I have a drink in my hand(s) and soaking up as much as that sunshine as possible. After the winter we've been having here, I feel like it's my duty to do those and those things only.

Butttttt, I'm sure once I get back the blogging strike will officially come to a halt because I'm probably going to have to post every day for the next, ohhhhhh, month to show you all of my pictures from my trip. This girl loves her pictures! Although I'm thinking you guys will probably get bored after the very first trip recap post because once you've seen one picture of me with a drink in my hand, then you'll quickly get the idea of how I spent the remainder of the week.

Speaking of pictures, last weekend we celebrated a very special birthday and I wanted to share those pictures with you before I left. My dad turned the big 6-0 the day after my grandfather passed away, and although we were late celebrating, we made sure to let him know how much he's loved by throwing him a surprise party. And what was so awesome was that he was actually 100% surprised!  I guess surprise parties work better when they're a week after the actual birthday. Who knew!  

It was so nice that my sister was home too to help us celebrate with him. My dad told us that night as he was leaving and again the next morning that it was his best birthday to date. Success! There is nothing that makes me feel more happy than knowing that someone else is happy!  

Okay guys well I have to keep this short (and sweet?) because I have a few more things to throw in mysuitcase, errrrr half my closet, and to recap the beginning of this post: I'm a bad bad blogger.  

                                                                        Please still love me!! 

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  1. Happy birthday to your daddy-o! Have fun in Mexico! *cough*bitch*cough* ;)

  2. What a sweet birthday! I hope you have a great time in Mexico!

  3. Have a wonderful vacation (and at least four margarita's for me) !

  4. Looks like a good time! Love spending quality time with the people (friends and family) we love!

  5. Lucky you going to Mexico! Have a great time!

    That's so great that you all threw a successful surprise party for your dad!

  6. heheheheh so I made it to your blog :) my cake and my picture :) it was an amazing night :)have an awesome vacay cuz xoxox

  7. How is it already time for your trip to Mexico??! It seems like you were just posting about it being X weeks away! I hope you have an amazing time!

  8. Bahaha I love that cake! It's hilarious!

    PS. I'm extremely jealous you are leaving for Mexico. Please have a drink for me... or 3 or 4. Safe travels, sweets! Soak up that sunshine!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to your dad. Hope you have an amazing time in Mexico!!

  10. Hope your having a blast in Mexico - bring back some of the heat to Canada please and thanks!

    I don't think anyone can get bored of vacation recap posts. I love seeing everyone's vacations so I can plan my own off their experiences. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!