My Kind Of Weekend

31 March 2014

Hey guys, how was everyones weekend?

Although my weekend was kind of a quiet one, it was actually a really great one. I've always said that my favourite weekends are ones that involve a mixture of being productive, going out, and still finding some time for a little bit (or a lot) of relaxation. And that's exactly what this weekend consisted of.

Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing parts of my house. I guess you could call it starting in on my spring cleaning since I decided to tackle the parts that I usually avoid like the plague; the spare rooms, or as I like to call them, the dumping ground. You know, the place where items go when you can't seem to find a permanent home for them. Boy how nice does it feel to have that done now. I've walked past those rooms about a million times already just to admire them and I'm crossing my fingers they stay like that until next spring. #nevergonnahappen

Later that evening we tried out a new restaurant that just opened here in the downtown area; LeGrows & Motti. I don't think I have ever been in such a nice restaurant before and, in fact, I felt like I was eating in Toronto or New York or some other large city. Oh, and the food was pretty amazing too, which is kind of an important part. But in all honesty, I was completely sold the minute I stepped foot inside.

A little action shot before heading out! 

Just a small little glimpse inside the restaurant (via

The cause of the (best) food coma! 

I had Sunday to myself (both puppy and fiance-less) so it was spent running errands, preparing my meals for the week, blog reading, some nail pampering, and finding a new reality tv show that I couldn't stop watching in between all of that; Eric and Jessie. What can I say? I'm a sucker for reality tv shows. The night ended with my parents coming up for dinner (and believe it or not, I actually cooked for them) and stuffing my face with mini eggs while we watched 12 Years A Slave. Although some parts were a little hard to watch, this is one movie you definitely need to see.

Speaking of stuffing my face, I've been a little off track since I've been back from Mexico so over the weekend I joined Erin's #1800MinuteChallenge. All you have to do is sign up and aim to reach 1800 minutes of physical activity from now until the end of May. If you do the math on that, and luckily Erin did that for all of us, it works out to 30 minutes of exercise a day. What better way to get back on track then by getting some extra motivation from some wonderful bloggers.

One last thing...I just realized this is the last day of March. I'm trying really, really, really hard to be positive over the last few "spring" weeks but this weather is just making it impossible.

This is my view right now and what's worse is that we're expecting anywhere from 35-50 cms of snow over the next day or two. So, who lives somewhere warm and who wants to take me in?  Me and my passport will be here waiting....we're obviously not going anywhere anytime soon!

Have a great week and if you happen to get some sunshine, soak it all in!!!

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Spring Cravings

26 March 2014

Spring Cravings

So now that we're officially in the spring season it's getting harder and harder for me to restrain myself from buying everything and anything that's spring (or summer) related. Basically, I want it all and I want to be able to actually wear it Who's with me on that one? Unfortunately, my bank account is restricting me on the first part and the weather is not cooperating with me on the second part.
But, even if the weather continues to play its cruel game for a little while longer, I'm still going to start adding a few spring pieces soon. I figured if spring wont come to me, then I'll bring me to spring. 
I've put together a few things that I'll be on the look out for the next time I go shopping and I thought I'd share them with you. And maybe that way, if spring won't come to you either then I'll help bring you to spring. 
Pastel Blue Handbag- I am loving this pastel blue colour, especially for a handbag. While normally I tend to stick to basic colours like black or tan (you know, to get mah moneys worth), something like this would be perfect to add a little something extra to any outfit during the season. But saying that, I'll be looking for similar ones with a lower price tag (I'm looking at you, Target).
Ankle Strap Sandals- I've had my eye on ankle strap sandals since last year, so I'm making sure I do not go another season without them on my feet. Confession: I want both the nude and black ones.
Floral Cell Phone Case- Although this isn't something I have to have, what better way is there to add more brightness to your day than by looking at bright, floral colours every time you grab your phone. Remember, I'm bringing me to spring. 
Army Green Spring Jacket- So a new spring jacket is something that I actually have to have and now is the perfect time of the year to try and find one. Every year I usually wait to look for one until we get our spring weather but, by that point, spring jackets are no where to be found.
Striped Dress- I've always been a huge fan of stripes no matter what the season, but when spring and summer rolls around, I can't help but gravitate towards anything but stripes. This dress is perfect for so many occasions and I would love for it to be hanging in my closest. 
Essie Nail Polish- Bright or pastel nail polish is another quick (and cheap) way to feel a little more bright and put together for the spring season. 
Coral Statement Necklace- Statement necklaces are not going anywhere this season and I want to add some coral/pink colours to my collection. It really is true that a new necklace can make you feel (and look) like you have a whole new outfit, without spending much money. #winwin.
Coral Linen Shirt- This shirt is perfect for so many reasons; it can be worn by itself or under a sweater, left open with a tank top, with jeans, white pants, and even shorts in the summer. Oh the possibilities I could have with this one.
White Converse Sneakers- I've been wanting a pair of white sneakers since last summer because I love the way they look with rolled up skinny jeans (and boyfriend jeans, although that's one trend that I can't seem to hop on board with). Amanda had me sold on these after seeing her rock them in her latest video
Wow, I'm already feeling a little more uplifted even just talking about these spring items (that is until I look outside my window and see the 20 cms of snow that graced us on Monday).
What are your spring cravings?
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I Can't Wait For Summer Because...

23 March 2014

Look at me blogging on a weekend.  Before you go ahead and give me too much credit, I will confess that this linkup has been around for a few days so I'm actually really, really late with this post.  But since spring is officially here, it only makes me that much more excited for summer.  I know, I know, one step at a time, especially when there's still snow on the ground. But I know you all can relate, right?  
Bring on all of summers funness! 

I can't wait for summer because...

+ driving in your car with the music up loud just doesn't feel the same when it isn't sunny and warm.

+ my car hasn't been cleaned during the winter because of laziness the cold and I know once the summer hits it will get lots and lots of TLC.

+ you always feel cuter with bright nails and toes, sun-kissed hair and bronzed skin. Ladies, am I right or am I right?  

+ there is nothing better than a barbecue and beer(s). Need I say more?

+ of Charley. Again, dog mommas I don't think any more explanation is needed here. 

+ our house will no longer look a little hillbilly-ish on the outside (Christmas lights still up, anyone?).

+ I have lots of cute summer shoes that have been in hiding for quite some time and they're pretty anxious to soon make their appearance. 

+ hiking will become a weekend tradition which means I'll also get to see amazing views like this every weekend. 

+ camping and spending time at the cabin will be some of my favourite times.
+ breakfasts on coleman stoves, smores, and roasted marshmallows will always be included in my diet.

+ it usually means having a full week with my sister where we take in all of summers goodness (no pressure to come home, sis. #youknowidontreallymeanthat). 

+ you can't beat evenings like this.

or this

+ there is no better smell than the smell of fresh cut grass.

+ there is no better sight than seeing colourful flowers everywhere.

+ plain and simple, there really is no better season than summer. 

Summer, we will all be waiting...

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Awake And Confused/ Five On Friday

21 March 2014

Hey everyone and happy, happy Friday!

I'm a little late today so let's dig right in, shall we?

ONE//  My mom was in town last night so the three of us went for dinner downtown at a place we've never tried before (Cathedral Street Bistro).

Now the whole purpose of that wasn't to show you a picture of my amazing meal (but of course I had to do that too), but to set the stage for how my day started.  I decided to order a coffee with my meal and apparently it was wayyyy stronger than what I'm use to because I don't think I closed my eyes for a second last night. Normally this coffee addict would have no problem drinking a coffee and then falling fast asleep, but it was like I had popped fistfuls and fistfuls of coffee beans like they were tic tacs or something.

Pair that with a 5:30 am rise and the busiest workday I've probably ever had and you've got one confused girl here right now. But I guess the bright side is that I have to work tomorrow on my day off. Wait, did I say bright side? See, I told you I was confused!

TWO//  I've formed two little addictions (hence the word 'little' because addicts can never really admit just how big their problem actually is) since I've been back from Mexico; watching Suits and eating Menchies. If this is how the rest of spring and summer is going to go, well then me and my pants are in for big, big trouble. However, I'm pretty sure my eyes will have no problem continuing to stare at this a little while longer.

THREE//  Yesterday marked the first official day of spring. Now I just need the weather to catch up with the date on the calendar. Although saying that, we have seen a few days of sunshine recently so, at this point, I'm taking what I can get. I love the feeling that spring is just around the corner (again, weather wise, not calendar wise). Does anyone else have a strong urge to go shopping right about now? I've been having to straight jacket myself because I know once I step foot in a mall, major damage will be done. I want to put away my boots, sweaters, and winter jackets, and replace them with anything that's bright and colourful. So snow, I'm begging you to stay far, far away.

FOUR//  Someone else around here has been loving the sunshine lately and the extra daylight hour we gained last week. This has been a very long winter and it's sad to say that Charley has probably suffered the most because of it. I've been trying to make it up to her big time lately and I think she's finally forgiven me. Or maybe it's because I keep letting her lick the Menchies bowl.

FIVE//  My friend had her baby last week and I couldn't be more excited for her. Everyone meet Ella Rose (isn't that the prettiest name?). I wish there was some way I could keep her and then give her back when I wanted and then take her back again. Clearly I'm not responsible enough to me a mom. But doesn't that situation sound extremely appealing?  Just look how cute!

Well, look who made it to the end without falling asleep. No coffee for me, tonight. Lesson learned.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Blog So Hard

18 March 2014

Before I had this space of my own, I was what you would call a non-blogging blogger. As soon as my eyes would open on a Saturday morning, I would immediately jump out of bed, make buy myself a large coffee, grab my laptop and dig in on my favourite reads from the week. It was something that I looked forward to, and it's kind of embarrassing to admit just how much joy and entertainment it brought me every single weekend.   

At the time, I didn't know how to comment or how to "follow" certain blogs, and the only way I kept track of new ones I found was either by adding their blog name in my notes or taking a picture of their blog with my phone so that I could google it later. They had no knowledge whatsoever that I was following along with them in their journey, or that I was even cheering them on when their blog hit certain milestones. Shout out to my firsts- Katie, Stephanie, Whitney, Erin, Veronika, and Amanda!

I guess it was only a matter of time before I decided to see if that same joy and entertainment could be found in creating a blog of my own. And let me tell you, it was love at (despite the hundred million times I wanted to throw my computer across the room because I couldn't figure out any of the "behind the scenes" mumbo jumbo).

With every hit of that publish button, I would immediately scramble to find my new number for my total amount of posts.Why? Because I couldn't wait for this blog to hit it's very first baby milestone of it's own; the 100th post. Well, as it turns out, this is my 101st blog post, which means that I've officially hit the 100 mark. While some have probably gotten here a lot quicker than I have, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am just happy to have gotten

Looking back as a non-blogging blogger, I never fully realized just how much time, thoughts, memories and, let's not forget, randomness that goes into blogging. It really ain't easy, and I'm sure I haven't experienced the half of it, you know, since the blog is still just lying on the floor trying to learn how to crawl.

With that said, I knew the day I ordered this shirt from Whitney I wanted to write a post dedicated entirely to why I "blog so hard". Why do I come here daily? Why do I take the time to share those memories, thoughts, and randomness? Why do I come here and actually care about what it is that I'm filling this white space with?  

And what better day to share those answers than today, on my 100th 101st post.

I do it for the memories.
This was the main, and in fact only, reason why I started this blog in the first place. While other factors have since contributed, this continues to be the number one reason for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved it when my dad would break out the video camera, and it wasn't just so I could dance around and act like a fool , it was because I loved knowing that one day I could look back and see me acting like that fool be instantly reminded of that particular day- one that I probably would have had no recollection of otherwise. This has become a place where I can share anything from a random weekend to a significant moment in life, and it's great to know that I can come here anytime and bring those memories back to life.

I do it for the interaction.
I never fully understood what all those bloggers were raving about before; the blogging community. That was, until I received my very first comment. Over time that one little comment turned into talking with so many others on a daily basis, which turned into realizing that there are people out there who you've never met that can actually make your day a little more brighter every time you hear from them. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank each one of you who have helped make those days brighter.

I do it because along the way I'm learning more about myself.
I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way I learned that I actually enjoy writing. Who knew?  You know, I may not be the best writer, or the best photographer, or have the nicest clothes, or (definitely not) the best cooking skills, but every single time I come here I am realizing that I still have something of my own to offer. And it's worth sharing.

I do it to get out of my comfort zone.
It's a big step broadcasting yourself all over the internet. Sure, I may not be dishing out my darkest, dirtiest secrets, but whenever you put anything out there, you're opening yourself up to criticism, judgment, and even feelings of not being good enough. Day by day I'm gaining confidence because I'm doing something that is a little outside of my comfort zone and trying something that I hesitated to do for years.

I do it to push myself.
I know it may seem strange, but this place makes me want to do better things. I want to be that better writer, I want to learn how to use my camera, I want to actually start cooking more, and I want to buy all of those handbags so I can come here and write a blog post about them. Apparently I'm getting off track here. But in all seriousness, while some may see that as me wanting to be someone I'm not, I see it as me wanting to be the best possible version of myself. I said it a few times here before and I'll say it again, I do not want to coast through my life. I want to experience as much as I can, and I honestly believe that for the first time since I can remember, I'm starting to feel a little push. And it's all because of this space.

So although I don't have thousands of followers, or thousands of page views, or even if I don't broadcast this blog to everyone I know, you better believe how proud I am of this place and just how much joy and entertainment it brings me. And I guess at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. 

Happy lil' milestone, blog!

Tell me, why do you "blog so hard?"

Mexico: Part Tres

15 March 2014

In case you missed:
Part one
Part two
I'm back to share the very last part of our trip. Our last couple of days were spent back at our resort, enjoying every little thing that we could until it was time to go back home.  I'm sure by now there's not a whole lot of explanation needed, so I'll let the photos do the talkin'!

Aaannddd that's a wrap. Insert sad face.

We honestly couldn't have asked for a better location, better weather, or better friends to do this with.  

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I have. I'm pretty sure I'll be back, looking at them over and over again until the time comes that we're blessed with some nice, sunny weather.  

Until we meet again, Mexico......

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Mexico: Part Dos

14 March 2014

In case you missed part one, click here to read all about it.

Can someone please sign me up for some Spanish lessons because I just had to use google to translate the number 'two' for my title? Although Spanish wasn't the second language I learned in school, I still feel kind of ashamed, especially with the amount of Pitbull songs that are floating around that references "uno, dos, tres....".

But not only that, I never fully realized just how pretty the language sounds. While we were in Mexico, I honestly could have listened to someone speak alllll day long, even if I had absolutely no idea what it was they were saying to me. Unless, that is, they asked me a question because then I would get completely nervous and flustered and start looking at others with panic written all over my face.

In fact, the day we left the resort is one particular day that comes to mind.

We were told to meet our travel guide (Juan) in the main lobby, so that morning I went to the lobby and told him that four of us were booked to go with him but I was still waiting on three other people. But Juan just looked at me, so confused. I realized then that he didn't speak any English so I was going to have to try my best to get my message across. So I began speaking slowly to him, using very few words. "Tour.  Waiting on three people".  But that caused him to start speaking to me even faster in Spanish, which resulted in me being the one looking so confused. So I tried again, with even fewer words. I then pointed to his clipboard. I held up three fingers and then pointed to the hotel. Again, he started speaking back to me using only words that made no sense to me. I could feel my face turning red. I started turning in every direction to see if there was anyone around who could help us understand each other. But nothing. And after a few minutes of sweating and trying to use every different word that I could think of to get the message across, he was gone.

At this point, it never once occurred to me how strange this seemed. After all, this was the man who we would be spending the entire day with. This was the man who was supposed to be showing us parts of the city and maybe even sharing some history of Mexico with us. But no, not once did this cross my mind. Oh, hindsight.

When my friend met me in the lobby a few minutes later, Juan was back in my sight but he had gone over to another couple that was standing right beside us. And then I heard it. The most plain English vocabulary I had ever heard was coming out of Juan's mouth. And before I even had the words, "where the hell did that just come from?" out of my mouth, he came back over to me and started laughing. A lot.

As it turned out, Juan was very much fluent in Spanish and English, but he was also quite the actor and jokester. How that man kept a straight face the entire ten minutes he was talking to me is something I'll never know. Needless to say, we immediately knew this day was going to be nothing but FUN.

The day started with walking through an underground cavern. Sounds easy enough but we couldn't stand up straight because the rock formations were so low, it was completely dark, there were bats flying around, and we had no idea what our feet was touching in the water. But all of that is what made it soooo awesome!

Then we were taken to another (very, very deep) cavern to do some snorkeling.

Next up was zip lining.

And then it was time to rappel to my death down 170ft. Not gonna lie, this part made me a little nervous, especially when my lovely friend Juan yelled out on the way down that one of my harnesses wasn't connected. Did I mention he was a jokester?

We spent the rest of the day in the city of Tulum looking at the ruins and the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen. This was the best part of the day, for me, because I really felt like I was in another world when I was here. The pictures seriously does not do this place justice.

And this is where I will soon be moving.....

If you are ever in the Mayan Riviera area, you should put this on your to-do list. We booked this through Aventuras Mayas and, if you can, request Juan because, regardless what it is that you're doing, you will be guaranteed such a fun day (whether it is in Spanish or English).

And here's something else that you NEED to put on your list: Coco Bongo.

I had heard so many good things about this place but, honestly, it was even better than I had expected. In fact, if you ask any of us what our favourite part was about our trip, Coco Bongo would be the answer. Picture a cirque du soleil show and the best club all rolled up into one. But again, no words or pictures can fully describe just how awesome this place is.

We paid extra money to become a gold member and it was seriously worth every penny. We had our own private entrance (which allowed us to bypass hundreds of people waiting outside), guaranteed seats on the top floor with an amazing view, the quickest bottle service known to man, and a security guard always checking in to make sure everything was, as he said it, up to our satisfaction. If you want to feel like rock stars for a night, this is definitely the way to go...hands down!

Well, that's it for the second part of our trip.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go book the earliest flight out to Mexico.  ;)

I have one more part coming so check back soon for that!

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