Awake And Confused/ Five On Friday

21 March 2014

Hey everyone and happy, happy Friday!

I'm a little late today so let's dig right in, shall we?

ONE//  My mom was in town last night so the three of us went for dinner downtown at a place we've never tried before (Cathedral Street Bistro).

Now the whole purpose of that wasn't to show you a picture of my amazing meal (but of course I had to do that too), but to set the stage for how my day started.  I decided to order a coffee with my meal and apparently it was wayyyy stronger than what I'm use to because I don't think I closed my eyes for a second last night. Normally this coffee addict would have no problem drinking a coffee and then falling fast asleep, but it was like I had popped fistfuls and fistfuls of coffee beans like they were tic tacs or something.

Pair that with a 5:30 am rise and the busiest workday I've probably ever had and you've got one confused girl here right now. But I guess the bright side is that I have to work tomorrow on my day off. Wait, did I say bright side? See, I told you I was confused!

TWO//  I've formed two little addictions (hence the word 'little' because addicts can never really admit just how big their problem actually is) since I've been back from Mexico; watching Suits and eating Menchies. If this is how the rest of spring and summer is going to go, well then me and my pants are in for big, big trouble. However, I'm pretty sure my eyes will have no problem continuing to stare at this a little while longer.

THREE//  Yesterday marked the first official day of spring. Now I just need the weather to catch up with the date on the calendar. Although saying that, we have seen a few days of sunshine recently so, at this point, I'm taking what I can get. I love the feeling that spring is just around the corner (again, weather wise, not calendar wise). Does anyone else have a strong urge to go shopping right about now? I've been having to straight jacket myself because I know once I step foot in a mall, major damage will be done. I want to put away my boots, sweaters, and winter jackets, and replace them with anything that's bright and colourful. So snow, I'm begging you to stay far, far away.

FOUR//  Someone else around here has been loving the sunshine lately and the extra daylight hour we gained last week. This has been a very long winter and it's sad to say that Charley has probably suffered the most because of it. I've been trying to make it up to her big time lately and I think she's finally forgiven me. Or maybe it's because I keep letting her lick the Menchies bowl.

FIVE//  My friend had her baby last week and I couldn't be more excited for her. Everyone meet Ella Rose (isn't that the prettiest name?). I wish there was some way I could keep her and then give her back when I wanted and then take her back again. Clearly I'm not responsible enough to me a mom. But doesn't that situation sound extremely appealing?  Just look how cute!

Well, look who made it to the end without falling asleep. No coffee for me, tonight. Lesson learned.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Yay for warmer longer days! Hope yo have a good weekend

  2. I'm addicted to suits too! It's filmed in Toronto so I am determined to see Harvey one day while they are filming. My sister in law and I kind of have a crush on him.

  3. spring showed her way 'round here too and then what do i wake up to today? SNOW. WTF!!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I told you that show is addicting!!! Can't wait to start the new season. Oh, and did I mention Harvey is my boyfriend??

  5. The picture with your friends baby is so cute! So sweet! And I've just heard of suits- I can't think of who else just blogged about it, but I think I'm going to give it a try soon! And ahhh I can forget about ever relaxing/sleeping if I have caffeine after like 2pm! It's the worst!

  6. A lot of Suits is filmed at my office building! I need to start watching it just so I can see if I'm in the background of any of the shots (which I've tried to be. Probably unsuccessfully lol).

  7. Spring is being such a tease. I am waiting for the DVD's for Suits so I can catch up. Ella looks beautiful!