I Can't Wait For Summer Because...

Look at me blogging on a weekend.  Before you go ahead and give me too much credit, I will confess that this linkup has been around for a few days so I'm actually really, really late with this post.  But since spring is officially here, it only makes me that much more excited for summer.  I know, I know, one step at a time, especially when there's still snow on the ground. But I know you all can relate, right?  
Bring on all of summers funness! 

I can't wait for summer because...

+ driving in your car with the music up loud just doesn't feel the same when it isn't sunny and warm.

+ my car hasn't been cleaned during the winter because of laziness the cold and I know once the summer hits it will get lots and lots of TLC.

+ you always feel cuter with bright nails and toes, sun-kissed hair and bronzed skin. Ladies, am I right or am I right?  

+ there is nothing better than a barbecue and beer(s). Need I say more?

+ of Charley. Again, dog mommas I don't think any more explanation is needed here. 

+ our house will no longer look a little hillbilly-ish on the outside (Christmas lights still up, anyone?).

+ I have lots of cute summer shoes that have been in hiding for quite some time and they're pretty anxious to soon make their appearance. 

+ hiking will become a weekend tradition which means I'll also get to see amazing views like this every weekend. 

+ camping and spending time at the cabin will be some of my favourite times.
+ breakfasts on coleman stoves, smores, and roasted marshmallows will always be included in my diet.

+ it usually means having a full week with my sister where we take in all of summers goodness (no pressure to come home, sis. #youknowidontreallymeanthat). 

+ you can't beat evenings like this.

or this

+ there is no better smell than the smell of fresh cut grass.

+ there is no better sight than seeing colourful flowers everywhere.

+ plain and simple, there really is no better season than summer. 

Summer, we will all be waiting...

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  1. BBQ and beer, yes please! Although this weekend is warm enough in FL so that's exactly our plan for today. Love all your photos! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

  2. I so agree with all of these! Our poor dog is so tired of us being inside! Camping, digging out the summer clothes and shoes, and BBQ's all sound so amazing right now!


  3. Those views are amazing! I love being able to be outside as well! Everything seems so much happier & yesss few things are better than BBQ :)

  4. SO much of this! Loud music blaring from the car, bbq and beer, hiking, camping, yes, yes, yes!

  5. I think I have to agree with you on every single bullet point, especially the one about the hillbilly house and trash filled car. I am going to need to do some serious spring cleaning outside when it warms up.


  6. This is making me crave summer. Hiking, camping, beers and BBQ are everything!!


    Vodka and Soda

  8. Oh my goodness, YES! Also, so glad I'm not the only one with a hillbilly-ish house (our Christmas lights have partially fallen off, but we're letting them dangle until it warms up), and a less than clean car.

  9. This post makes me realllllly want summer, like right now! Yes, to all of those things! My car needs a serious cleaning too! The winter is so brutal to the inside and out of it! And how amazing that you get to hike and see views like that every weekend - jealous!!!

  10. YES! you nailed everything right on the head, this makes me crave summer SO BAD. but it snowed last night here even :( the music, nailpolish, summer clothes, ugh..you're killin me over here

  11. So true! A tan and bright nail polish just makes a gal feel GOOD :) That + roasted marshmallows, of course!!

  12. Oh my goodness, summer is my absolute favorite and I'm SO EXCITED for it!!!

  13. Oh my gosh YES to all of this! Summer can't come fast enough :) I want to work on the outside of my house! And have a tan and wear shorts and wedges and drink beer and grill out.... AHH!

  14. YES YES YES to everything! God, I can't wait for summer. If it ever comes!!!! It snowed yesterday again. Like what?!

  15. YES YES YES to everything! God, I can't wait for summer. If it ever comes!!!! It snowed yesterday again. Like what?!

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