Mexico: Part Uno

Soooo, I really had no idea just how many pictures I had of our trip until I had to sit down and figure out how to not share 500+ pictures that imported so I could avoid all of our computers from freezing. We all love vacation recaps (or is it just me?), but I'm guessing that many pictures would actually slow your computer down and I really didn't want to be responsible for sending some of you into sheer panic when your boss walked in and your screen wouldn't quickly close. Not that I know anything about that, but I've heard that can be pretty, pretty scary. But saying all of that, the selection process was quite tough so I still have LOTS to share.

Now, where do I begin? Obviously right at the beginning!  :)

First, a fun fact. Todd and I booked this trip with two of our friends and, since the four of us had talked about doing a trip together for years and years (and years), we were all pretty excited that, not only it was MEXICO, but for once it was finally a done deal.

Well after flying for almost 8 hours, the bitter cold Newfoundland temperatures were far behind us and the hot, hot, hot Mexico temperatures were right in front of us.

As soon as we landed the boys made a mad dash to the bar we grabbed some Coronas at the airport to take with us on the hour drive to our resort because, ya know, vacation had started right away. But apparently the vacation wasn't starting right away because within the first five minutes of the drive, the boys were sound asleep. Luckily, they quickly redeemed themselves!

We stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum in the Mayan Riviera. One thing that's definitely worth mentioning is that they have three resorts located right next to each other, and staying at one of them gives you access to the beaches, pools, bars, buffets/snack bars and restaurants to the other two resorts. So if you happened to get bored with one place (but really how would that even be possible?), you can hop on over to the other ones.

We waisted zero time getting "beach" ready because we were so anxious to see exactly where we would be spending our next 7 days. The answer to that question would be heaven, by the way. Pure heaven. And within just a few minutes, we knew that we were all going to love this resort. I mean, just look at this place, how could you not?  

The next two days were spent doing exactly what you're supposed to do on these types of vacations; playing in the pool, eating, lying in the sun, drinking the yummiest frozen drinks ever, more playing in the pool, more eating, more lying in the sun, and more drinking the yummiest frozen drinks ever . Aka what I call perfection! 

It didn't take us long to make friends with these guys because they were literally everywhere. In fact, Todd even named this little huge one Martin, which I believe was around the same time that he crawled out of the pool and decided it was time to go to bed for the rest of the day and night. Umm, and that time was 2 PM! 2PM!!  #heblamedthesun #butweallknowthedifference

It also didn't take very long for my body to turn fifty shades of grey brown. On the not-so plus side, the sun also decided to sizzle my lips, making them look like a red leather couch that was attacked by a cheese grater. Or maybe that's just how they felt. Either way, oh my lawd the agony!

Well, that's it for part one. Before I go though, I'll leave you with the ever so natural picture of me and Kristle walking on the beach one day. And by natural picture I mean asking Todd if he could take a picture that makes us look like we're naturally walking on the beach. 'Cause in all reality we only walked about five feet. Five feet= the distance from the bar.

Coming up next...the second part of our trip, off the resort, which included possibly one of the funnest things I have ever experienced!