Greetings From The Sunshine State

28 April 2014

As you can see, me and the humidity are getting along just great!
Helloooooo!!!!  It's meeee!

I'm still on vacation but since we're taking it easy tonight and our hotel has free wi-fi, I thought I would take advantage and stop in to say hello! This is my first time using Todd's iPad to write a post and, now I know, it will probably be my last time. Please enjoy that picture because it took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to upload it from an iPad.

It's not even 10pm and I"m in bed already because I'm pooped! I guess that's to be expected, though, when you're tackling Disney World on, what feels like, the hottest days ever. Apparently it felt like 40 degree Celsius here yesterday and today (I just googled the conversion to Fahrenheit and that's approximately 104).  Obviously this Canadian girl doesn't have a whole lot of experience with temperatures like that. But, but, buttttt, I am not complaining by no means because I would much prefer those temperatures to the ones that will be greeting me when I get back home.

Speaking of home, I can't believe we only have a few more days of vacation left. Our first week here in Florida has been an interesting one, to say the least. I'll try and save you all the gory details but let's just say a bad stomach bug struck and took down my entire family while we were together during that first week. It seemed just as one person was getting better and we were thinking our vacation could get back to normal, another person would get quickly hit. Luckily it escaped me. Or maybe it didn't, maybe it's saving me for last. I'm not sure but I am crossing my fingers that my extra precautions due to my paranoia will pay off.  Please cross whatever you can for me.

But despite that "little setback", it hasn't stopped anyone from making the most of our time, and I can
say that everyone around me has been the greatest troopers ever. I may not be such a great one if I happen to be up next. We've been having an amazing time and we have done so much already, and I can't wait to tell you all about it when I get back.

But I should go now and try to rest up for another busy day tomorrow. I hope you all are having a great week! Chat soon everyone!!!

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I Suck At Packing

22 April 2014

Well, if you're reading this it means that I learned how to schedule a blog post all on my own because I am officially on vacation. YAY!!!  This is the only one I have scheduled though, so you might not be hearing from me for a little while. But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be in good hands with, you know, the sun and all.

Can I just take a minute to say that I suck at packing? 

I started off with this little pile and by the time I was finished it had quadrupled in size. 
I'm the kind of girl who takes 10 different outfits out home to visit her parents and ends up not changing out of her pajamas the entire weekend. I'm also the kind of girl who wakes up in the morning and has to try on her entire closet before she can decide what she's "in the mood to wear" that day. But I'll never learn though, because nine times out of ten, that mood is usually a comfy one; skinny jeans and a loose top. 

So you can imagine the difficulty I had trying to narrow down my entire closet into one suitcase.  I don't think I've ever worked so hard at anything in my entire life. #vacationprobs? I'm really hoping the weather cooperates with my selection because, if not, it looks like I'll have some shopping to do. Maybe I should have narrowed my selection down even further! ;)

Are you horrible for packing like me, or are you a light packer?  

Light packers, teach me your ways for next time!

And I'm offfff......

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#1800MinuteChallenge Update

19 April 2014

Happy (almost) Easter, everyone! 

I figured it was time to do a quick update on the #1800MinuteChallenge. 

We're almost three weeks into the challenge and I'm not doing quite as good as I would have hoped for so far. At this point in the game I've completed 470 minutes, and while that isn't horrible (especially with such a busy schedule over the last few weeks), the little competitor in me thinks knows that I can do better. Plus, with a vacation coming up, I don't expect these numbers to sky rocket while I'm gone. Unless swimming counts? And by swimming I actually mean floating around holding up my drink, trying not to let any water get in it. Sounds more like strength training!!

With that said though, I am packing my sneakers for my trip because my goal is to get out for a couple of runs. My sister and her husband, as well as Todd, all enjoy running too, so I'm hoping we can all push each other to lace up our sneakers and take in more of that Florida sunshine, although I know that's not gonna be a all!  I've always wanted to run while on vacation (or maybe I just like the idea of it more than the actual running part), and this way I can get some extra minutes added to my total. 

To be honest, I think I've been underestimating the challenge a little bit so far. Thirty minutes a day doesn't sound like a lot, but since I've been only getting out for thirty minute runs occasionally, and not everyday, it's obviously resulting in me having to play catch up. 

Oh, do you remember my last update where I mentioned that Todd somehow managed to turn this challenge into a competition between us? If I remember correctly, I may or may not have laughed at him thinking that he could actually beat me. Well, as it turns out, right now he's in the lead and, once again, this little competitor is not impressed. Just another reason to get my butt in gear even more!  

Check back in a few weeks to see some more progress and hopefully (lots) more minutes added! 

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Like A Boss/ Five On Friday

18 April 2014

Wow, I can't believe Friday is here already. I've been sooooo busy with work this week that the days all went by so fast. Some of you may have a holiday today, but I'm working today and tomorrow so I can get caught up before I leave for vacation. I'm still really happy that it's Friday, though, and I'm especially happy that, since no one will be in my office over the next couple of days, I can get some extra minutes of sleep by strolling in without having to look very presentable (yoga pants and a hoodie it is).

Besides the whole work thing, let's see what else has been happening this week.

ONE// I really have to start off with some vacation talk because that's pretty much all that's been consuming my thoughts this week. One of my favourite things about vacations is the anticipation leading up to them. No matter how crummy of a day or a week you're having, when you know you're going on a vacation it seems to make everything so much better. I am so excited for wedding activities, shopping, Disney World, lying out in the sun doing absolutely nothing, and did I mention shopping? Plus, I can not wait until I can squish these two boys.

TWO// Speaking of shopping, I received two packages in the mail this week. I've never been a huge online shopper (mostly because I usually like to see exactly what I'm getting), but I could really get use to this. It's nice checking your mail box and seeing other things besides flyers and bills for once.

I ran out of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and I loved it so much that I ordered an even bigger version, along with a new brush head for my Clarisonic. I've mentioned my feelings on the Clarisonic before, and they still hold strong...if not stronger. 

We don't have a Forever 21 here in the province (gasssp..i know), but I made sure these pretty, colourful necklaces came home with me. I expect they'll get great use over the next couple of months.

THREE// Although I bought this mug for Todd a while back, I've been stealing it from him all this week. Maybe I like the daily reminder, or maybe I just like to pretend. Either way, I need more mugs like this in my life. I'm thinking I'll just have to look online so I can get some more mail surprises.
FOUR//  I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Quest Bars, right? If you haven't, you should try them; they're very high in protein and fiber, gluten free, and really low in sugar. I try to keep one in both my lunch bag and purse at all times because when I get hungry...look out, it aint pretty! I tried a new kind this week, chocolate chip cookie dough, and it's just another flavour to add to the list of ones I love (but I guess how could you not love anything called chocolate chip cookie dough?).

FIVE// Despite working lots of overtime, I'm actually pretty impressed with myself for what I accomplished this week. Between not getting in bed as early each night (I don't think I need a 9 o'clock bedtime) and slacking off watching tv, I managed to find time for the #1800minutechallenge (an update coming soon...hopefully!), the never ending house chores, the majority of errands that needed to be done before we went away, and even some blogging. Like a boss! See, the mug totally helped. Such a nice feeling to have at the end of the week.

 Happy Easter weekend!  Enjoy it (with lots of chocolate)!

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Right Now

16 April 2014

Right now I just had to take my hair down and reapply some makeup so I could have a picture for this post. I figured we all love visuals, but I'm sorry it had to be one of me doing absolutely nothing.

Right now I'm just getting home from work and instead of trying to scratch off one of the million tasks I have left to do, I decided to plank my butt on the couch and come here instead. I guess I'll take that as another reminder of how fun blogging is, because fun things will usually always take priority over any type of productiveness with me.

Right now I have a 55+ pound dog who is either a) trying to sit on my lap or b) trying to write a blog post of her own. Someday Charley, someday.

Right now I am starving.

Right now I'm too lazy to do anything about it.

Right now I am debating whether or not I should go for a run outside, but that point above is telling us all what the final decision is probably going to be.

Right now I am realizing that I slacked majorly last week with the #1800minutechallenge and I have lots of catching up to do. I joked with Todd yesterday and told him that during the last week of the challenge I'm probably going to have to stay home from work and do 8 hour hikes everyday.

Right now I am still thinking about that run because it's approximately 15 degrees celsius outside and I'm fairly certain we won't be seeing that temperature again for quite some time.

Right now I just ran my fingers through my hair and I'm not kidding when I say that straw feels softer than my hair right about now. I've always preferred using baby powder over dry shampoo for non-wash hair days and, after trying a new dry shampoo this morning and not my normal baby powder, my decision is once again reconfirmed. Yuck!

Right now I just remembered that my hair feeling like straw could have a little something to do with not having it cut since early November. Maybe. But I'm still blaming it on the dry shampoo.

Right now I am dreading a certain waxing appointment that I have scheduled tonight. #keepingitreal

Right now I just debated whether or not I should take that last line out. Nope, it's staying in.

Right now that appointment is keeping me from doing what I normally do in the evenings; taking out my contact lenses, shoving my hair up in a bun, and changing into my pajamas.

Right now I am thinking that maybe I should tackle some of those tasks that are hanging over my head because I would like to get some sleep tonight and we have a pot luck at work tomorrow and I really don't want to be slaving in the kitchen all night. Ah, who am I kidding? We all know I'm probably going to end up buying something that's already pre-made instead.

And on that note, right now I'm off to the grocery store.

Happy Wednesday!  We're halfway to the weekend!

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Easter Baskets Never Stand A Chance

15 April 2014

Growing up, I loved Easter. I mean, how could you not love searching your house for hours looking for chocolate so you can spend the remainder of that day eating that chocolate. And to that I would just like to say that whoever came up with that idea is a pure genius. Genius! I'm not really sure why my parents stopped doing it, but I'm thinking I might have to have a little talk with Todd to see if we can implement this tradition at our house...say...every Saturday. Now who's the genius?

Over the past few years I've created a little tradition of my own for my niece and nephew by putting together Easter baskets for them. It's a great way to get a little creative without spending a ton of money, and it's something that they always seem to love.

A couple of weekends ago I slowly started picking up some chocolate that I could fill the baskets with. Here's my tip to you, don't do that unless you want to end up eating it all on a Saturday night because it's just staring at you in the face and screaming EAT ME! Once again, my rubber arm was twisted.

So off I went again last weekend to pick up everything I needed. The two baskets and all of the chocolate were purchased from Wal-Mart, the Easter stickers were found at Target, and the bunny hair elastics and the chickadee earrings were from Claire's. I'm so glad I stopped into Claire's because I didn't realize what great gift ideas they have for little girls. My niece adores those kinds of things.

I was much, much smarter this time around, though. As soon as those goodies were brought into my house, they were placed in their baskets and then delivered immediately. I have to be in a bathing suit very soon, and there's something about another round of binge chocolate eating that would make that next to impossible.

Another thing that's a part of our tradition is me spending way too much time trying to make these baskets look as cute as possible and the kiddies spending as little amount of time trying to tear them apart. Those baskets never stand a chance (kind of like chocolate just sitting in my house), but I'll take that as a very, very good sign!

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We Made It Outside/ Five On Friday

11 April 2014

It's that day of the week again, friends. To be honest, I thought yesterday was Friday, so you can imagine how unamused I was every time I was reminded that it wasn't. But have no fear, it's here today and just like always, I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Over the past few weekends I've had to work a few hours here and there (totally not complaining since vacation time is right around the corner), but it looks like I'm in the clear for this one (touch wood).

It's been a while since I've linked up for Five On Friday, so let's just jump right in today (and plus, I never really know how to start these posts off).

ONE// Did you know that yesterday was National Siblings Day? No? Me neither, well, not until very late last night. I figured it's never too late, though, to tell someone how much they mean to you, so Lesley, thanks for being the best big sister anyone could ever ask for and the person who is always there to listen to my ramblings. You know how excited I am to be seeing you real real soon (on the beach, in the sunshine, with multiple drinks, of course).

TWO//  Look who made it outside for a run this week. Yup, me and my mitts and my ear warmer thingy all made it out. Granted, my snow suit should have came out too, but that's beside the point. The point is that I was able to run outside. Outside!!!  You have no idea how nice it was to feel the bitter cold air on my face and the slush pavement under my feet. It made me so happy to know that this was the first run of many many more to come over the spring and summer (again, really touch wood for this one).

THREE//  I've become a little obsessed with blue pastel colours for spring and it's only grown since buying Essie's 'borrowed and blue' nail polish. It's both subtle and colourful all rolled into one (I don't know if something can be both subtle and colourful but, if it can, this nail polish is it).

FOUR//  While I was in bed early one night due to not feeling very well, Todd surprised me with flowers. Apparently he said he got an email from someone with a link to Erins post with these lines highlighted: "if you don't have a vagina and you are reading this, go buy your girlfriend/wife a 'just because' flower. I mean it. Your non-vagina will thank me for it later".  Hmmm...not sure who sent him that email...strange!  ;)  Erin, I'm not sure about Todds non-vagina, but this vagina thanks you very much.

FIVE//  If you want your house to smell absolutely heavenly, all while you're pretending that you're on a tropical island (and that you're not needing a snow suit to run outside), pick yourself up the Caribbean Escape and Tiki Beach candles from Bath & Body Works. Trust me on this one. 

That's it for this week.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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New Specs, Old Habit

10 April 2014

Don't I look super smart with my new glasses? C'mmmonnnn, humour me!

Actually, they're not really that new because I've had them since the end of December and, despite what the weather is telling us (or maybe what the weather is just telling me?), it is the beginning of April which means that it has taken me over three months to finally get to the point of wearing them. Three whole months!

To be honest, though, I never even attempted to start wearing them until a few weeks ago and now I can officially say that I don't feel like I'm sporting ski goggles anymore, nor do I feel like I'm walking around drunk all day. Which reminds me, you'd think after two times of falling up the stairs that I'd learn that the step is actually further away than it looks with these things on? But noooo. I'm hoping the third time really is the charm.

But the whole point of this post isn't to show you how smart I look, it's to tell you all about a really old and very strange habit of mine. In fact, it's one I've always known I had, but one I've never realized just how bizarre it really was, until I got these glasses.

So, here it is:  I like to keep new!

It's true, whenever I get something new, I always have a tendency to wait before I use it/ play with it/ wear it, etc. The first time I noticed this strange quality of mine was many many Christmases ago. While my sister was sporting every new item of hers that was under the tree, just seconds after it was unwrapped (jeans, socks, nail polish, lip gloss, etc), I wouldn't dare touch anything that belonged to me until a week later when I was given the go-ahead to move all of my presents to my room. Only after finding nice little homes for all of my goodies would I slowly start hauling off the tags and their packages and start sporting the new things of my own.  And over the years it seems that trend has continued with certain things. 

Now after admitting all of that, I'm sat here now trying to come up with some good explanation for all my crazy! I mean, there has to be a good explanation somewhere. There just has to be. I originally thought it was maybe because I was "waiting for the right time" to use certain things, you know, like saving the perfect dress you just bought for the perfect occasion. But after doing the same thing with my glasses....glasses!!...something that I usually only wear around the house in the nighttime (along with my old pajamas and greasy hair), that surely can't be the answer. Why in the world would I wear my seven year old, crooked, missing a nose piece glasses for months instead of my much prettier ones that don't require duct tape?

It seems like that's a mystery that will never be solved.

Well, I thought I would feel better after sharing that but, nope, turns out I don't. But, if there's one thing I've learned so far through blogging, it's that there are bound to be others out there who are as crazy just like you. I'm sure to some extent, we all do certain things or have certain ways about us that others (or, in this case, even yourself) may find really strange and probably will never understand. If you think about it though, as odd as these qualities may be, isn't it things like this that what makes  I sure hope so!

Now, fess up and tell me I'm not the only one with strange habits.

Or at least lie to me so I'll feel better, that works too!

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I'm Going To Florida + A Giveaway

09 April 2014

In just a few short weeks I will be in the sunny state of Florida for my cousins wedding. Do you remember my happy list from last week? Well, I forgot to include, family and friends who get married in sunny destinations.

I know you never need a reason or an excuse to travel, but you can see why having a wedding in another country would make someone who likes to justify every single little thing, very very happy. Plus, when you've only been back from Mexico for not even two months, you really need to have some backup when asking your boss for more vacation time. Oh, that reminds me, is there anyone that has a wedding coming up, say, next winter in the Bahamas, St. Lucia, or Hawaii? If you could just go ahead and pop my invitation in the mail, that would be greatly appreciated. I promise, you don't need to feed me, just the invitation is fine enough and I'll even throw in a wedding present.

Alright, one vacation at a time, so let's get back to Florida.

I'm really excited because, not only do I get to see my beautiful cousin get married, but I get to spend a full week on St. Petes Beach with my sister, her husband, and my two nephews who I rarely get to see.

Last years family vacation.

And, after that week is over, me and Todd will be continuing our trip and driving to Orlando, which means....Disney World!!

I've been to Disney World once when I was a little girl, but I don't think that really counts when you're only nine years old (although I surprisingly still remember a lot, like how Back To The Future and Splash Mountain were my favourite rides and how my dad tried to wake me and my sister up one morning by tipping the pull-out couch which resulted in us getting stuck in the couch, oh and crying when I lost my breath going down a steep water slide at one of the water parks we visited). I honestly can't wait to experience all of it again, minus the crying and the getting stuck in a couch part.

Here's where I need your help, friends. It seems that there are a million and one things that you can and should do in Orlando so, if you've ever been, I'd love to know what were some of your favourite places or things to do. Any tips or suggestions would be great!

One more thing, since we're on the topic of Disney World, I'd love for you to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a $20 Disney gift card. Whether you're travelling there in the future or if you just want to purchase some of their merchandise online, this extra little bit of cash can help. Orrrr, winning the gift card and then giving it right back to me for my trip works good too!!  :)

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Target Finds + #1800MinuteChallenge Update

07 April 2014

Was it just me or did this weekend fly by? I know I probably say that after every weekend, but this one really seemed to go quick and I honestly can't believe that it's Monday already. I had to work Sunday afternoon so I'm thinking that might have had a little something to do with it.

As soon as I opened my eyes Sunday morning I had this strong desire to shop, so I made up my mind and decided it was finally okay to give into my shopping cravings. After all, I had been really, really good since the new year (whatever you have to tell yourself, right?). What I forgot, though, was that our clothing stores here are only open from noon to 5pm on Sundays, which was exactly when I had to work.

But, then I remembered that Target opens at 8am of the week so off I went. Oh target, how my love grew for you even more because of this. I picked up the three items below all for great prices and all before the hours of 9am (I probably shouldn't be too proud of that last statement, though).
Pretend you don't see my face, there could still be sleep in my eyes.

On another note, I'm already loving the #1800minutechallenge and we're only a few days in. You wanna know why? For several reasons, actually (I know you didn't actually say yes to that question.). The biggest thing, obviously, being the accountability. It's so easy to get off track or say that you're going to go to the gym "tomorrow", but this little spreadsheet below reminds you that you actually have to type something in it which means you actually have to do something. But, it's also nice to know that you can get away with saying that you're going to go to the gym "tomorrow" because it doesn't require that you workout every day. My lazy self really likes that part the best.

I emailed Todd my spreadsheet this morning after it was updated and he sent this one back to me with his information included right alongside mine and a message that said, "the competition is on!".

Competition?  Doesn't he know that once I get something in my head there's usually no stopping me, or do you think I need to remind him again about my 8am trip to Target on a Sunday morning?

Happy a great week, everyone! 

Oh, although I'm hoping to do more updates on the #1800minutechallenge around here over the next two months, you can follow along with me on Twitter or Instagram if you ever want to hear me complain about my workouts some more.  

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My Happy List

04 April 2014

I've always thought of myself as a pretty happy person and in fact, typing out those words just now made me even more happy because I think that's a pretty great quality to have...if I do say so myself. Sure, I've had my ups and downs, my highs and my lows, and you better believe I can grumble and complain with the best of 'em. But one thing I know for sure is that there are a lot of things, both big and small, that make me oh so happy (hence the little description under my picture over there ---> ). So when I saw Erins link up about listing 32 things that make you happy, I was all over the challenge.

I should warn you that it doesn't take a whole lot to please me (lucky Todd ;) )!

32 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Cool ranch Doritos.  Leave it to me to start this off with food.

2. My first coffee of the day.  Here we go again.

3. Compliments. Although I may get all squirmy and start rambling ("oh thanks, I got it from the Gap and it only cost twenty nine dollars and I think there were three other colours available too"), I secretly love them.

4. Hearing my nephew say Aunt Nay or I love you.

5. Watching Charley run off leash. Every single time we take her for a walk off leash I think I leave more happy than her (although her smile is just as big).

6. Walking out the door on your last day of work before a vacation. Is there a better feeling?

7. With that said, the start, the middle, and yes, even the end of a vacation (because although you're pretty sad that it's over, you always have your own bed to look forward to).

8. New shoes, new necklaces, new handbag, new makeup product.... you get the idea.

9. Finding the perfect gift for someone.

10. When all of my family is together.

11. Checking in an item only to discover it was on sale (FYI, this rarely happens to me but you better believe that I want to grab the cashier and jump up and down).

12. The end of a great run outside.

13. Scrolling through a million channels to find something to watch on a lazy Sunday and, just as you're about to accept that there's nothing good on, you find a marathon of one of your favourite tv shows.

14. A quote that gives you so much motivation.

15. When I feel my healthiest, meaning when I slack off the junk food and drag my butt to the gym.

16. Cuddling with Todd and Charley, especially when Todd's the big spoon, I'm the middle spoon and Charley is the little spoon (happens every single time).

17. Christmas holidays. It really is the most magical time of the year.

18. Dancing, but only in the completely care free, let loose way.

19. Being productive. It's not the being productive part I love but the feeling after it's done.

20. Finding a new song that you have to play over and over again (for things that make me unhappy, see: songs that you've played over and over again and now you're completely sick of them).

21. Days that I wake up and don't have to wash my hair (again, for things that make me unhappy, see: waking up and realizing it's a 'wash your hair' day).

22. Kitty purrs and watching them sleep (so peaceful).

23. Finding money in your jacket pocket...score!!

24. When my parents are in town and they cook dinner for me.

25. Road trips. More specifically, the first couple of hours of road trips because, let's be honest, they usually start to go a little downhill after that.

26. Long, deep, and silly chats over drinks with friends where you talk about everything and anything.

27. Watching a funny movie with my dad and seeing him throw his head back with laughter all while slapping his leg up and down (it seriously makes me laugh a million times harder).

28. All of my pictures that I've collected throughout the years and randomly going through older ones.

29. Surprises. I don't care what the surprise is (big or teeny tiny), I just love them.

30. Finding a new blog that you adore and having a mountain of their older posts to read.

31. Having drinks on a patio on a beautiful summers night.

32. Spending time with my mom, but not in a mother-daughter type of way but in a best friend kinda way.

.......and so so so many more.

What's your happy list?
Have a happy, happy weekend everyone!
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Meal Prepping

03 April 2014

It's been no secret around here that I've come a long way with my weight over the last few years. It's also been no secret though that a few years later, I still continue to struggle with my weight and I am always consciously having to try and make better food choices. In fact, as hard as it was for me to lose the weight, it's been even harder making sure that I don't let myself slip into those same bad habits like before. Because, in all honesty, I slip a little too easy and a little too hard for my liking.

While some days and weeks (and shamefully even months) have been better than others, for the most part I've been pretty proud of myself for the choices I continue to make and I can say with absolute certainty that it's all because of preparing my meals.

For as long as I can remember, Sundays are my days that I make sure I have my healthy groceries and when I get all of my lunches and snacks ready to go for the week ahead. Fruit, veggies, meats, rice, eggs, sweet name it, I'm slicin' and dicin' every Sunday.

While my lunches and snacks that I prepare on a weekly basis may not be overly exciting to anyone some, they've continued to work for me because I'm not one that needs, as I would call it, "fancy" or "complicated meals" while I'm at work (unless by all means someone would like to prepare them for the girl whose cooking skills isn't too far off from boiling water). Plus, by eating a hell of a lot cleaner during the weekdays while I'm at work, it allows me a lot more wiggle room during my non-work times which, if you think about it, is really a no brainer. Let's see, pizza when I'm stuck behind my desk or pizza when I'm curled up on the couch watching a movie?  See, no brainer (well, actually pizza in both instances would be my first option but that's how I ended up in this mess in the first place).

I'm gonna be down right straight with you all and say that meal prepping sucks. Taking a couple of hours out of your day to cut, cook, sort, and package is not my idea of how I want to spend my Sunday. I can think of one thing and one thing only that I'd rather be doing--absolutely nothing! And let's not even get started on the amount of tupperware containers that you go through, which means twice as many dishes. Uggh!

See, this part really does suck! 
What I do love though and what outweighs all that sucky-ness up there is when I wake up in the morning for work (rushed, as usual) and not have to panic and scramble to find something to shove in my purse. What I also love is not having to leave my office and spend money on things that are more than likely not helping me in the "staying on the wagon" department. Oh, and let's not forget about how happy I am to see those little tupperware containers when I get home from work or the mall the gym really late and I'm so hungry but yet all I want to do is plop down on the couch.

Now don't get me wrong, not preparing your meals for the week doesn't mean that you're not going to eat healthier foods, just like preparing them doesn't mean that you're only going to eat healthier foods. But it does give you a way better chance, trust me. I only eat what I pack in my lunch bag and that's something that I don't even have to think twice about anymore (let's not count the chocolate chip cookie that sometimes just gets magically handed over to me with my coffee in the drive-thru). Another thing is that if I have a full day of eating good, I'm so much more likely to continue that on throughout the remainder of the evening.

Just a few more specifics:

- What's not pictured that I tend to live on are salads and chicken wraps (I love chicken wraps and could seriously eat them forever. The salads, on the other hand, I eat because it's what is in my lunch bag at the time). 

- If I don't get around to doing this on a Sunday then I still always try and make sure my lunches are packed before I go to bed (I'm serious when I say I've learned this the hard way-- strolling into my office late).

- Even if I do all of this on a Sunday, sometimes I still need to do a few little things during the weekdays if we run out of food. There are also some things that I don't prepare until the night before (for example, chicken wraps because aint nobody got time for soggy spinach, avocado or tomatoes...yuck).

Just remember that your meals can be as boring or as exciting as you want them to be. It's all about finding something that works for you. Maybe you don't have a rubber arm like I do and you can avoid all of the chocolate chip cookies that are out there (and to that I say, "you lucky devil, you"). But if you do have one and you're looking to feel a little more organized and looking for a way to start eating better, I can guarantee you that this will help.

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