#1800MinuteChallenge Update

Happy (almost) Easter, everyone! 

I figured it was time to do a quick update on the #1800MinuteChallenge. 

We're almost three weeks into the challenge and I'm not doing quite as good as I would have hoped for so far. At this point in the game I've completed 470 minutes, and while that isn't horrible (especially with such a busy schedule over the last few weeks), the little competitor in me thinks knows that I can do better. Plus, with a vacation coming up, I don't expect these numbers to sky rocket while I'm gone. Unless swimming counts? And by swimming I actually mean floating around holding up my drink, trying not to let any water get in it. Sounds more like strength training!!

With that said though, I am packing my sneakers for my trip because my goal is to get out for a couple of runs. My sister and her husband, as well as Todd, all enjoy running too, so I'm hoping we can all push each other to lace up our sneakers and take in more of that Florida sunshine, although I know that's not gonna be a problem....at all!  I've always wanted to run while on vacation (or maybe I just like the idea of it more than the actual running part), and this way I can get some extra minutes added to my total. 

To be honest, I think I've been underestimating the challenge a little bit so far. Thirty minutes a day doesn't sound like a lot, but since I've been only getting out for thirty minute runs occasionally, and not everyday, it's obviously resulting in me having to play catch up. 

Oh, do you remember my last update where I mentioned that Todd somehow managed to turn this challenge into a competition between us? If I remember correctly, I may or may not have laughed at him thinking that he could actually beat me. Well, as it turns out, right now he's in the lead and, once again, this little competitor is not impressed. Just another reason to get my butt in gear even more!  

Check back in a few weeks to see some more progress and hopefully (lots) more minutes added! 

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  1. Oh goodness. I reread this wrong at first. I thought every block was a day. I was like "you're going to do body pump and then run 1.5 hours??" I think I need to go back to bed.

  2. I love running on vacation!! You get to take new routes and not the same old boring routes at home. Plus you eat so many yummy (read drink so much) things on vacation and it makes you feel so much better about indulging:)

  3. Your idea of strength training sounds like the BEST kind to me! haha

    I should have got in on this challenge - I am super competitive too so it would have been just the kick in the pants I need!

    I always have good intentions and bring my runners on vacation (last year I even took the 30 Day Shred to Vegas) and then the vacationing gets in the way and they never see the outside of my suitcase. Whoooops

  4. Competition always fuels me too. Hope you get in some miles and gain the lead again!