My Happy List

I've always thought of myself as a pretty happy person and in fact, typing out those words just now made me even more happy because I think that's a pretty great quality to have...if I do say so myself. Sure, I've had my ups and downs, my highs and my lows, and you better believe I can grumble and complain with the best of 'em. But one thing I know for sure is that there are a lot of things, both big and small, that make me oh so happy (hence the little description under my picture over there ---> ). So when I saw Erins link up about listing 32 things that make you happy, I was all over the challenge.

I should warn you that it doesn't take a whole lot to please me (lucky Todd ;) )!

32 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Cool ranch Doritos.  Leave it to me to start this off with food.

2. My first coffee of the day.  Here we go again.

3. Compliments. Although I may get all squirmy and start rambling ("oh thanks, I got it from the Gap and it only cost twenty nine dollars and I think there were three other colours available too"), I secretly love them.

4. Hearing my nephew say Aunt Nay or I love you.

5. Watching Charley run off leash. Every single time we take her for a walk off leash I think I leave more happy than her (although her smile is just as big).

6. Walking out the door on your last day of work before a vacation. Is there a better feeling?

7. With that said, the start, the middle, and yes, even the end of a vacation (because although you're pretty sad that it's over, you always have your own bed to look forward to).

8. New shoes, new necklaces, new handbag, new makeup product.... you get the idea.

9. Finding the perfect gift for someone.

10. When all of my family is together.

11. Checking in an item only to discover it was on sale (FYI, this rarely happens to me but you better believe that I want to grab the cashier and jump up and down).

12. The end of a great run outside.

13. Scrolling through a million channels to find something to watch on a lazy Sunday and, just as you're about to accept that there's nothing good on, you find a marathon of one of your favourite tv shows.

14. A quote that gives you so much motivation.

15. When I feel my healthiest, meaning when I slack off the junk food and drag my butt to the gym.

16. Cuddling with Todd and Charley, especially when Todd's the big spoon, I'm the middle spoon and Charley is the little spoon (happens every single time).

17. Christmas holidays. It really is the most magical time of the year.

18. Dancing, but only in the completely care free, let loose way.

19. Being productive. It's not the being productive part I love but the feeling after it's done.

20. Finding a new song that you have to play over and over again (for things that make me unhappy, see: songs that you've played over and over again and now you're completely sick of them).

21. Days that I wake up and don't have to wash my hair (again, for things that make me unhappy, see: waking up and realizing it's a 'wash your hair' day).

22. Kitty purrs and watching them sleep (so peaceful).

23. Finding money in your jacket pocket...score!!

24. When my parents are in town and they cook dinner for me.

25. Road trips. More specifically, the first couple of hours of road trips because, let's be honest, they usually start to go a little downhill after that.

26. Long, deep, and silly chats over drinks with friends where you talk about everything and anything.

27. Watching a funny movie with my dad and seeing him throw his head back with laughter all while slapping his leg up and down (it seriously makes me laugh a million times harder).

28. All of my pictures that I've collected throughout the years and randomly going through older ones.

29. Surprises. I don't care what the surprise is (big or teeny tiny), I just love them.

30. Finding a new blog that you adore and having a mountain of their older posts to read.

31. Having drinks on a patio on a beautiful summers night.

32. Spending time with my mom, but not in a mother-daughter type of way but in a best friend kinda way.

.......and so so so many more.

What's your happy list?
Have a happy, happy weekend everyone!
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  1. Oh we have so many of these in common. I forgot about gifting the perfect gift. That's my FAVORITE. Also, impromptu dance parties. Happy FRIDAY!!!

  2. You are so cute! And this list is so perfect. Finding money in your pocket is the best...I recently found a twenty...a TWENTY(!) in my pants pocket. It was a great day :-)

  3. YES!! First cup of coffee in the morning is the BEST--even if it isn't the best coffee, it's still so cozy and amazing! =]

  4. your picture? i legit stuck my face 2 inches from the screen and stared at your skin for longer than i care to admit. not even sorry i'm admitting that either. flawless. and i'm jealous :)

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I love this list! So much goodness in it! And you look gorgeous as always!

  6. I love this! And it makes you appreciate all of the little things in life.

  7. I loooove finding the perfect gift for someone! Giving gifts is my favorite! :D

  8. Omg, yes! Leaving work for a vacation is amaaazing! Then you come back and realise you don't have many vacation days left. :'(

    I LOVE finding the perfect gift for someone! It makes me so, so happy!

  9. that step inside for happiness image is awesome :) i generally say i'm pretty happy too, but i definitely get happier when i find cash in my jeans! i just might have to try this challenge :)

  10. Love everything on here! Reading these made me happy. :)

  11. I love that you started it off with cool ranch doritos and coffee...I can't live without either one and I'd start off with food too!

  12. I love the first coffee of the day, it is my only but when it is perfectly brewed and hot it is so good. Puppy smiles and kisses are the best! What a great list!