New Specs, Old Habit

Don't I look super smart with my new glasses? C'mmmonnnn, humour me!

Actually, they're not really that new because I've had them since the end of December and, despite what the weather is telling us (or maybe what the weather is just telling me?), it is the beginning of April which means that it has taken me over three months to finally get to the point of wearing them. Three whole months!

To be honest, though, I never even attempted to start wearing them until a few weeks ago and now I can officially say that I don't feel like I'm sporting ski goggles anymore, nor do I feel like I'm walking around drunk all day. Which reminds me, you'd think after two times of falling up the stairs that I'd learn that the step is actually further away than it looks with these things on? But noooo. I'm hoping the third time really is the charm.

But the whole point of this post isn't to show you how smart I look, it's to tell you all about a really old and very strange habit of mine. In fact, it's one I've always known I had, but one I've never realized just how bizarre it really was, until I got these glasses.

So, here it is:  I like to keep new!

It's true, whenever I get something new, I always have a tendency to wait before I use it/ play with it/ wear it, etc. The first time I noticed this strange quality of mine was many many Christmases ago. While my sister was sporting every new item of hers that was under the tree, just seconds after it was unwrapped (jeans, socks, nail polish, lip gloss, etc), I wouldn't dare touch anything that belonged to me until a week later when I was given the go-ahead to move all of my presents to my room. Only after finding nice little homes for all of my goodies would I slowly start hauling off the tags and their packages and start sporting the new things of my own.  And over the years it seems that trend has continued with certain things. 

Now after admitting all of that, I'm sat here now trying to come up with some good explanation for all my crazy! I mean, there has to be a good explanation somewhere. There just has to be. I originally thought it was maybe because I was "waiting for the right time" to use certain things, you know, like saving the perfect dress you just bought for the perfect occasion. But after doing the same thing with my glasses....glasses!!...something that I usually only wear around the house in the nighttime (along with my old pajamas and greasy hair), that surely can't be the answer. Why in the world would I wear my seven year old, crooked, missing a nose piece glasses for months instead of my much prettier ones that don't require duct tape?

It seems like that's a mystery that will never be solved.

Well, I thought I would feel better after sharing that but, nope, turns out I don't. But, if there's one thing I've learned so far through blogging, it's that there are bound to be others out there who are as crazy just like you. I'm sure to some extent, we all do certain things or have certain ways about us that others (or, in this case, even yourself) may find really strange and probably will never understand. If you think about it though, as odd as these qualities may be, isn't it things like this that what makes  I sure hope so!

Now, fess up and tell me I'm not the only one with strange habits.

Or at least lie to me so I'll feel better, that works too!

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  1. Although I don't share your habit I just wanted to say that I really LOVE your new glasses and I'm glad you're finally wearing them!!! You're so lucky that your sister and brother-in-law are both optometrists:)

  2. i love the glasses! you look great in them.

  3. I am the SAME way. I "save" things for special occasions. It's ridiculous. You know what they say: "EVERY day is a special occasion!" :)

  4. I tend to wear it all at once! Haha! The glasses look great on you.

  5. I used to be that way, especially with candles. My husband asked me one day why I don't consider today a special enough day to burn my favorite candle and I couldn't really answer that. Since then, I've been way better about getting use out of new things as soon as it works :)

  6. I do the same thing! I don't know why but when I get something new, it takes me months to use it for the first time! Even if I was so excited to get it in the first place. I just love that brand new feel and I don't want to ruin it. Even after I start using the new item, I am ridiculously cautious because I'm afraid to mess it up right away or get it dirty. So Bizarre!!! I just can't break the habit!

  7. I DO THIS TOO! I find that I do it with makeup which is kind of weird! Love the glasses!