Peeping In My Refrigerator

Today I'm about to let you look inside my refrigerator (lucky you!). Now before you go thinking I've completely lost my mind with this post (which, for the record, you're probably one hundred percent correct), you should know that I take great pleasure looking inside other peoples refrigerators in this blog world. Andddd I guess that doesn't really make me seem any better. Well, now that we've reconfirmed the "I've lost my mind" part, let's continue the trend and move right along.


You'll always find:
- eggs and egg whites
- almond milk
- greek yogurt
- fruits and lots o' fruit (specifically: apples, strawberries, blueberries, and grapefruit)
- turkey bacon
- whole wheat pitas
- whole wheat tortillas
- spinach
- lettuce (for the boy who prefers it over spinach)
- other veggies (I'll always have cucumbers. I'll usually always have asparagus and green peppers and I'll sometimes have broccoli, onions, carrots and tomatoes)
- tex mex shredded cheese
- ketchup, salsa, bbq sauce, and cherry sauce (girl loves her sauces!)

Yes, my fridge always contains these types of foods. 
No, I don't only eat these types of foods (that's what junk cupboards and restaurants are for).
Yes, I wish I could say that I only eat these types of foods (but I will never part with my junk cupboard, nor will I ever order anything that remotely looks like rabbit food at a restaurant, I just can't do it).
No, my fridge doesn't always look as neat as this (of course I had to tidy up if I was expecting company).
I have noticed a little pattern when it comes to our grocery shopping. One week seems to be our expensive, the cart is piled high with double amounts of everything, run and the second week is a quick, (much) cheaper run to just pick up a couple of things we need.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks after the one above.
I wish I had a good explanation of why I was snapping pictures of my fridge at different times during the month but I honestly got nothin' (please refer to the very first paragraph if you need one)!

What's in your fridge? If you've learned anything from this post at all, it's that I'd love to know.

And please, tell me if there's something really yummy and healthy that I'm missing out on and that I should add to my fridge (if it's not healthy, tell me anyway so I can add it to my junk cupboard).
Check back tomorrow for a post about meal prepping and why I will probably always live by it.
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  1. Your fridge looks similar to mine (we must be sisters, lol)!! Add some cottage cheese and tomatoes and we're good to go.

  2. that's an extremely healthy frig you have there! My frig looks nothing like that hahah My husband goes through more drinks than most humans in a day so our frig is A LOT of drinks.

  3. Your fridge puts mine to shame! So organized and so much healthy goodness! I liked looking in your fridge so don't feel bad ;) haha

  4. Mine is not nearly that organized but I have a lot of salad fixings, eggs and greek yogurt.

  5. Wow. Looking in someone elses fridge is surprisingly awesome! haha! I think you need to add some Chocolate Almond milk, because it's amazingly yummy.

  6. I'm glad to see someone else has as many eggs as we do in our fridge...always so so many eggs!

  7. I love this and am so impressed... impressed by the healthy foods AND the cleanliness!

  8. Yumm love all those healthy fruits and veggies!

  9. Okay I seriously enjoyed this post maybe too much. I suppose I've lost my mind too? Oh well! I kind of want to do a similar post now too :) I love your neatness. It makes my O.C.D. heart happy inside!

  10. Wow - after seeing your fridge, I'm ashamed of mine. You have such good stuff in there! And it looks so organized!

  11. omg your fridge is stocked!! i love it!

  12. Your fridge looks so organized compared to mine! Guess its time for some spring cleaning...

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