Florida: Disney World Time In Orlando (The First Half)

In case you missed part one and part two.

Where do I even start with our time spent in Orlando? For those of you who have been, you know how much there really is to see and do in Orlando. We spent 5 nights there and, by the time we left, there was still so much more that we could have done. Granted, we decided not to do any of the Disney parks on our last two days though, and opted instead for some shopping and squeezing in whatever relaxation time we could before it was time to go home. Oh, I would like to mention that now after going to Disney World, my appreciation level for my parents taking me when I was a kid has sky rocketed because I never fully realized just how much patience, money, and energy that was needed to go there. Trust me, it's totally worth it, just don't forget that those three things are pretty pretty important when you visit! ;)

We parted ways with my family Saturday afternoon and drove the couple of hours to our hotel in Kissimmee, grabbed some food (just from my end though, poor Todd and his stomach bug), scouted out the nearest outlet mall, and then went to bed early because Magic Kingdom was up first on our list in the morning. I honestly didn't think we were going to make it there because Todd was still not feeling well the next morning...at all. What a trooper that boy was though, because not only did he say he was going, but he said we were going to have an excellent time regardless. So, off we went (while loving him even more)....

.....on the hottest day of the year. Okay, that probably isn't true, but if Florida gets any hotter than the day we tackled Magic Kingdom, oh my lord, I can't even imagine. I just can't. Thank goodness for inside air conditioned rides and the (cutest) cold treats along the way.

We did the majority of the rides that were there (yup, even the kiddy ones) and Splash Mountain and Space Mountain were our two favourites. They were actually pretty scary, but now saying that, I'm becoming such a big whimp lately. Definitely not how I remembered them as a kid!

Later in the afternoon we made sure to catch the parade. I'm telling you, if you ever want to instantly feel like a kid again, this is the place for you. Within a half a second of seeing all of the Disney characters, my giddy child like behaviours were quickly on display.

Magic Kingdom was so much fun, and it really is such a pretty and magical place. In hindsight, one thing that we did oh so very wrong was walking around in circles all day and not taking a straighter path. I think we were just so excited that whenever we looked down at our map and saw something that sounded really fun, regardless which direction it was in, we went there. Because Magic Kingdom is huge, you can imagine at the end of the day how much walking this added up to. I thought me and Todd were going to have to play rock, paper, scissors to determine which one of us was going to carry the other one out, although I think the chances were pretty good that I was going to be the one lugging him out. He was exhausted!

My favourite!