Florida: Family Time In Madeira Beach

Coming home from a vacation is a funny thing. There's a part of you that leaves kicking and screaming because the vacation you've been looking forward to for months is now all over, while the other part of you is happy to return home, to snuggle into your own bed, and to start getting back into the swing of things. The first part of me just wishes getting back into the swing of things didn't include sitting behind a desk for 40+ hours a week. I will be happy, though, once I get back into somewhat of a normal eating routine because I swear I ate my way through the entire state of Florida. You name it, I ate it. Um, no need to start naming any fruits or vegetables though! And, unlike the majority of my family who was infested with a stomach bug and who ate way less than what came out of them, I did not come out of this trip any lighter. I'm not sure if I should be thankful or jealous.

Although there were some bumps (and lots of bathroom breaks) along the way during that first week, we were still able to have a pretty great time....says the one who escaped the bug. Our condo was right on the beach so the majority of the time we took advantage of the sun and the sand and, of course, the short walking distance to the bathroom. Sand turtles were built, volleyball was played, and the freezing cold ocean was pretty much neglected. I will say this beach had the softest sand out of all the beaches I have ever been to, so major bonus points for that!

 We made it out for a couple of early morning runs, both on the beach and around the city, and I am now one hundred percent sold on the whole running on vacation thing, especially when it involves great views, great temperatures, and great chats (even if I was too out of breath to do most of the talking). It was such an amazing kick start to the day and it made any guilty feelings of stuffing my face quickly disappear.

My cousins wedding rehearsal party was Tuesday night (helloooo open bar!!) and it was so much fun meeting up and hanging out with all of my family on my moms side. We usually get to see each other quite a bit back home, but how can you beat doing so in Florida. I think I'm going to have to try my absolute hardest to convince them to make this a regular occurrence! 

Other nights were spent having drinks on patios, which lead to one night spending time guarding my drink and purse at the sketchiest bar known to man and ending it with a very dark (and tipsy) walk home on the beach.

Oh, and I can not forget about the gorgeous sunsets. Take me back now!

There was such a cute area right next to our condo called John's Pass where we also would spend time walking on the boardwalk, eating lunch, and buying multiple ice creams due to birds swooping in and stealing them (I kid you not, it happened to three of us on three separate occasions...damn bird). 

The picture above was taken around noon. I think that has to be some kind of record. TMI?  Thought so!

And on that note, I should probably just stop right there! ;) 

Besides, I don't think it's possible to squeeze any more pictures into a single post then what I just did. Just imagine if everyone was feeling great and not hibernating inside for half of that week. I still have some pictures of my cousins wedding and our week spent in Disney World left to share, and I'm excited because I haven't had the chance to look through them yet myself. Oh pictures, how you make me so happy by helping me to relive it all over again!