Florida: Wedding Time In St. Petes

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The whole purpose of our trip to Florida was to see my cousin get married, and I'm so thankful that we were all able to be there to help celebrate the day with her. I have to admit, I'm totally a romantic at heart, which means that I'm a big sucker for weddings, especially ones where you can, not only see, but really feel the love between a couple. This was one of those weddings, for sure, and it was also so special to see all of the love that their friends had for them too. Oh, happy, happy heart!

It also reminded me that I have a wedding of my own to plan. For someone who is such a sucker for weddings, who would have thought what a slacker I would be for them too? Last fall we dug into the wedding planning but, after issues with dates and struggling to find a venue we loved, we kind of put it on the back burner and it's been sitting there ever since. But yes, this wedding made me realize just how much I want to start in on my own. Plus, I told my sister that I was making her my wedding planner so things should be smooth sailing from here on out. Apparently she said she could have us married in Hawaii in a heartbeat...I'd be okay with that. ;)

Okay, so back to this wedding, it was absolutely gorgeous (just look at that dress!!) and the venue that overlooked the ocean was unreal. Me and my sister didn't get off the dance floor the entire night, my mom didn't get off the bed in the hotel room, and my brother in law didn't get off the toilet. Sooooorry, I just had to go there because, as you know, it really was a shit show. Obviously, pun intended. There I go again!  Let's change the topic, shall we? Quick, here's a few more pictures.

And, unfortunately that's all I got for you, but I'm hoping it was enough to erase those images from your brain on this Thursday morning. Have a great day, everyone!