My (Pictureless) Weekend

Before you go calling me a big fat liar, I can assure you that this is the only string of evidence I have to show that I was alive and well this weekend, which is actually the furthest from how I'm feeling on this Tuesday afternoon after a three day weekend.

Normally I'd take advantage of a long weekend to make sure I'm nice and rested for a new work week, but not this time. Nope, this time I swear I did everything but that. It also didn't help that the new season of the Bachelorette was starting last night, not to mention at an hour and a half later than it's normal time. I fought my tiredness like a cranky child for hours, only to fall asleep seconds before it started.

But, back to the weekend. We spent Sunday night into our cabin with our friends where we did the normal cabin activities like barbecuing, drinking, chatting, playing games, staying up (way) too late and, then of course, waking up (way) too early. Sounds familiar, right? What wasn't normal was when our cabin at one point was taken over by a massive group of nineteen year olds who, apparently, were friends of a friend of a friend of a...and you get the idea....and then turned into a complete party place. Although I'm not quite thirty yet, this pretty much sums up how I felt after that invasion.....
The rest of the weekend was spent either getting everything ready for Sunday night, or recovering from Sunday night. And I'll leave you now with my feelings on that....

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  1. omg the last gif - SO true. it took me a WHOLE WEEK to recover from miami.

  2. I feel your pain! The hangovers and recovery time gets worse with age!

  3. It takes be forever to recover these days from two beers!! WTF?? When did I get old!!

  4. Have you seen that episode of SATC where Samantha invites the girls out to her BFs house in the Hamptons but the teenagers or younger girls are there also and take over? I know you were camping, but for some reason that's what I picture hahaha

    And I'm with ya, nothing makes me feel old like being around people who are younger!

  5. You're like a pretty(er) version of Courtney Kerr. (& Courtney's pretty hott!)
    Let's collab sometime! :)


  6. hahah those ecards are SO true!!