Two Must See Videos

Since I returned home from Florida late Friday night, my original plan for today was to start in on my vacation recap posts (and I literally do mean start in because it's going to take me a few to summarize two full, great weeks). But sometimes plans don't always work out, especially when other plans and other much needed things on my to-do list get in the way, so today I'm sharing two must see videos regarding the whole internet thing instead. If you've already seen them, bear with me as I'm probably now behind the times since returning!

This first video spoke to me, big time, and I know it's something that so many of us can relate to. Since starting this blog I've loved social media now more than ever and believe me when I say that sometimes I'm just as guilty as the next person (errr refreshing my Instagram feed way too many times then I'd care to admit). I will tell you though that there is nothing that I hate more than trying to spend quality time with someone who spends it more with their phone than with me so, because of this, I always try to be conscious of this myself. Do I think there's anything wrong with spending time on social media? Absolutely not, especially if it's something you enjoy doing. But just like watching tv or eating your favourite snacks, I firmly believe it's all about finding a good balance.  

And on a similar, or completely opposite, note (balance people, balance)....

This second video is only the trailer for American Blogger but last night I watched the full film and let me tell you, I did not regret spending the ten dollars it cost to do so one little bit (click here to purchase it) and I can guarantee you whether you're a blogger yourself or even if you just truly enjoy reading them, you won't either. It was seriously such a great watch and, not to mention, a great motivator for this little neck of the woods around here. 

Speaking of balance, it's now to time get out of here and start tackling some more things that are needed to be done since returning home, like buying some groceries so we have something to eat for the rest of the week because I'm guessing that's pretty important and probably what I should have done first. Oh well! 


  1. I've seen the first video going around quite a bit-- it's really well done and such a good message!

  2. I'm getting ready to make my home phone/computer free in the common areas. Even when we're watching movies both myself and my husband will be online the whole time. It's time to stop. We'll be able to have that stuff in our office but not when we should be spending time as a family.


  3. I love that first's so true; hanging out with someone who's mostly hanging out with their phone is so frustrating. Not that I'm NEVER guilty of being that person ;) but I try not to be! I reeeeally want to see American Blogger!