Celebration For Three

15 June 2014

June 15th is always a special day in my family because, not only is it my sister's birthday, it's my nephew's birthday too. How crazy is it that she had her first child on her 30th birthday? And now this year, we have yet another reason to celebrate today; Fathers Day. That's a whole lot of celebrations going on in one day! 

Unfortunately, with my sister living in Toronto and my dad not getting home from work for a few more days, I won't get to see any of them, but let me tell you how thankful I am for a little thing called FaceTime, especially on days like today. Last year on Nathan's second birthday, I was able to join in on the fun and watch him open all of his presents at his party. This year, I'm thinking about getting them to carry me around with them for literally every second of the day because that would be fun and not weird at all. 

My mom's in town this weekend so, to be completely selfless, we're making sure we do lots of fun things. Last night we watched The Fault In Our Stars (ahhh-mazing) and today we're going on a hike and then out for an early dinner. You know, just for them. I know how much my sister loves to shop so I guess maybe I could do that later too! ;)

In all seriousness, Dad, Lesley and Nathan, I hope you three know how much I love you and how much I wish I could be with you all today. If I had one more wish, though, it would be that we were all together again in Jamaica (because I'm pretty sure no one wants to relive our Florida trip again )......

Have a great day, you three! 

Oh, and Nathan, have a juice for me today!

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  1. Such a sweet post :) It's so great that technology has allowed us to celebrate big moments with our loved ones even if we can't be there in person.

  2. That is crazy! What a sweet birthday present from Jesus though!

  3. Love the post...and LOVE the new blog!!!! muah!! xo