What I Wore

J. Crew Dress
Statement Necklace
Floral Clutch
Aldo Sandals
Dress: J. Crew (similar),  Necklace: Aldo,  Clutch: Call It Spring (3-4 years old),  Shoes: Aldo 
What do you do when you have lots of time to kill in an empty parking lot before a wedding reception? Obviously take some pictures of what you wore to that wedding!

I bought this dress at a J. Crew Outlet when we were in Florida and my exact words when I tried it on were, "I know I'll get my use out of this one". Sure enough, for the first wedding of the season, this is the one I wore. Lately, I'm catching myself gravitating towards more basic dresses in solid colours, and I think it has to do with being able to play around with accessories more and, therefore, feeling like the dress is newer when I wear it again. I'm trying to get out of always feeling like I need to buy a new dress for a wedding or an event but, sometimes, it's just so darn hard! #girlproblems. As for the clutch, it's probably my favourite one that I own because the floral print is always the perfect addition to any spring or summertime outfit. I looked for a long time to find this one and, since then, I still can't seem to find another floral one that I love as much. Oh, and one quick thing about the sandals; while bows may not be for everyone, I say hand me over all the bows you can find. These reminded me of a pair of Kate Spade ones I was eyeing a few months ago, minus the larger price tag, of course. Plus, the heel height is perfect for this girl who looks like a deer walking on ice for the first time with anything higher.

Ps: One thing I should have added to this outfit was a jacket because it rained after...a lot!
Do you feel like you always need to buy a new dress for a wedding or a special event? 
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  1. Such a cute dress! And that clutch! I want it! J Crew is my absolute fav! :)

  2. this blue is gorgeous! it is your color! love the accessories!

  3. That color looks gorgeous on you! Love the floral details in your bag! Such a pretty outfit!

  4. I always thought of J-Crew as too 'preppy' for me but I think I have to reconsider that now - love that dress!

    I refuse to wear the same outfit to a wedding or event but shopping for dresses is so time consuming! Finding the perfect one is HARD!

  5. Aren't you just gorgeous?! :) Your hair looks amazing too!!!

  6. Alright, you're stinking gorgeous! I love that clutch! And the dress is perfection on you :)

  7. Love the dress and the way you accessorized the outfit. Yes, I tend to always buy a new dress for weddings or big events even though I have plenty of dresses in my closet I'm sure would be fine to wear!

  8. Love the dress and you are GORGEOUS my friend! I alllways buy a new dress for weddings and Pete allllways gives me shit for it! haha

  9. that is one polished outfit! i love the pale pink touches...so pretty!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  10. This dress looks great on you and I love how you accessorized it!

  11. That necklace is perfect! Great outfit, so classy!