You Will Never Catch Me.....

// Wearing sneakers with anything but yoga pants. Regardless if I'm going to be walking around all day, they won't be going on my feet. 10 hours walking around Disney World + Flip Flops = I'm sure my feet really, really appreciated that.

// Not saying "I love you" before getting off the phone with my parents or Todd. 

// Eating inside a restaurant on a summers day when I could be having a drink and soaking up that sunshine on their patio outside.

// Going to a store just to browse. I either go with the intentions of buying something or I don't go in at all. Anything but is just plain torture.

// Writing a blog post every day. How in the world do some people do that? Superpowers?

// Choosing tea over coffee, chocolate over chips, or wine over beer.

// Watching a scary movie. It's never going to happen. Ever. #nightmaresforlife

// Being a vegetarian. I'm just not creative enough to figure out meals that don't involve meat. Plus, I love me a good steak or burger so there's that. 

// Wearing a crop top, which is making shopping for the summer of 2014 extremely difficult, but it is making my stomach really grateful by not even looking in their direction.

// Sleeping my weekends away anymore. Call it getting old, but I just love waking up early on a Saturday morning knowing I have the full day ahead of me.

// Sleeping with my makeup on. Okay, maybe I should rephrase; you will never catch me sleeping with my makeup on under normal circumstances..aka when no drinks are involved.

// With cash on hand. Coffee, gum, you name the price range, my visa will be swiped.

// Washing my hair every single day or every second day or get the idea!

// With a full tank of gas in my car. I'm just so darn lazy to have to wait for it to fill up.

// Not blasting the radio whenever I hear an older, feel good song like I did a couple of days ago. Wilson Phillips, "Hold On" anyone?

// And not being so stinkin' happy on FRIDAYS!!! 

Hope you're all so stinkin' happy too today! Have a great weekend, everyone!