Shoe Love (And Embarrassment)

Hey guys and happy Friday! Although I don't have a whole lot planned this weekend, I am looking forward to doing whatever it is that my little heart desires over the next two days. Wouldn't you agree that sometimes those weekends are just as good as the fun filled busy ones?

Since my favourite type of blog posts to read are ones where you get to see what someone is loving or what they just bought, etc., today I wanted to show you two pairs of shoes that I recently (ish) bought and have been loving. Loving, as in, I couldn't imagine my summer life without them because they're just so cute and comfy and they go with so much and they make me feel cute too when I wear them. I mean, if that's not love then I don't know what is. Oh, and because of the price tags, it was also love at first sight too.

First up are these colourful peep toe espadrilles. When I look at my shoe collection, it's pretty obvious that I tend to gravitate toward neutral colours a lot,  so when I saw this bright colour in the espadrille type of shoe, I was immediately sold. So far I've worn (and loved) them with jeans, shorts and a casual summer dress. And I am not kidding when I say just how comfy they are. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking around on carpet or clouds or something else that's really, really fluffy. 

Ankle Strap Sandals
Old Navy
And last, but definitely not least, are these wedged ankle strap sandals. Remember how I said I gravitate towards neutral shoes? Well, these just give me more confirmation on how much I love nude shoes because there has not been one thing in my closet that I haven't been able to wear these with. And there's barely a heel which means that I can wear them literally everywhere. Plus, I still can't get enough of the ankle strap sandals right now.

Okay, I know that's a whole lot of shoe praise going on but I seriously can't help it because, like I said, I'm in love.

So now that I've talked about the love part, let's talk about the embarrassment part for a quick second. We have a new neighbour, who I had never met before. Until last night, that is, when he poked his head over my fence and introduced himself while he saw me with my camera set up on the patio floor taking pictures of my feet with my remote control. MY FEET!!!! Not of myself, but of my feet. Again, MY FEET!  I honestly feel like I've had some bad luck getting caught taking pictures of myself since I've started this blog, but I think this one topped them all. What was worse was that he acknowledged the embarrassing situation but my only reply was to laugh (and obviously turn a million different shades of red). Do you remember that episode of Friends where Ross is inside his own head screaming, "Just say something...Anything"? Well, that was going on inside my head last night too. Looking back I should have said I was practicing for a photography course or something, but I'm obviously not very good with thinking on my feet. Just taking pictures of them apparently! ;)

Anyways, I thought I would share that little story because maybe something similar has happened to you as well. And I guess what's the fun of it all if we can't laugh at ourselves (and share it) along the way, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!! 

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