Sometimes I Make Myself Dinner

A little known fact about me is that I do not like to cook. Like at all.  For someone who loves food and who loves to eat great meals as much as I do, you'd think that I'd have a much better relationship with the majority of the appliances in my kitchen. But, that's definitely not the case.

Usually by the time I actually go to start making dinner I'm gone so beyond the point of being hungry that I end up standing in front of the fridge shoving whatever I can find into my mouth to help tame my crankiness. And even if that doesn't happen, I never have the patience to wait for the food to be actually cooked, which results in me saying, "yessss, that's done" and then eating some very questionable things. And I should mention that by the time I finish it looks like the tasmanian devil just passed through my kitchen.

Now, pair all of that with only me being home for dinner the majority of nights and the house being so hot that the thought of turning on my oven makes me want to run and stick my head in the freezer, and then you can imagine just how exciting my dinners have been lately. But, I'm going to go ahead and look on the bright side because I have mastered the perfect egg and avocado sandwich over these last few weeks.

Well, as dinner time was approaching last Saturday, I felt a desire to actually use more than two ingredients in my fridge (okay, and I also might have been out off eggs) so I poked my head in to see what I could come up with and, in about the same time that my egg and avocado sandwich would have been made, I was enjoying a chicken taco salad.

And you can bet that it's been made a few times since then because it is the perfect summertime meal. I eat a fair amount of salads throughout the week, but it was nice for a change to actually eat one that I really, really enjoyed. But how could you not when there's chips involved, right?  #thatsthekey

Here's what I used:
-Lettuce (I used iceberg for extra crunchiness)
-Chicken breast (I added taco seasoning for extra flavour)
-Tomatoe, Green pepper
-Tex Mex cheese
-Catalina dressing

If you're like me and always looking for a quick and easy meal, I think you'll love this!

PS: It's currently reading 30 degrees Celsius in my house, so I'm just going to go ahead and get started on the sticking my head in the freezer thing right now. You wouldn't pay me enough to turn on my oven so it looks like I might be eating this again for dinner tonight!  ;) 

Do you enjoy cooking? What are some of your favourite meals to make in the summer? As always, suggestions are greatly appreciated (and needed) when it comes to cooking!