The Great Debate: Dry Shampoo Vs. Baby Powder

10 July 2014

Dry Shampoo Vs. Baby Powder

I'll be the first to admit just how much I hate washing my hair. I hate it, I do. It's not so much the act of washing my hair that I hate, but the part that comes after; the blow drying, the straightening, the styling. It's all so much work. Not to mention the damage that it can cause your hair.

When I was in high school, I had no other choice but to wash my hair every single day because it would get so greasy. It wasn't until I lived with my sister in university that she sparked the idea of training my hair to not wash it everyday. And, sure enough, by spending a few Saturdays or Sundays locked inside my house, I was able to train my hair to go every second day without washing it.

Then when I started working full time, I realized just how much I loved that extra hour of sleep, so I decided to see if I could go more than one day in between washes. My hair is now trained to go four or five days without washing it (five is usually by accident though...damn snooze button). But, to get this far, I need some extra help along the way. Enter the great debate: dry shampoo versus baby powder.

I think both are really great at getting the job done but, personally, I always, always, always choose baby powder over dry shampoo. In my opinion, baby powder works better at absorbing the oil, which is the the number one goal, and it still leaves your hair feeling normal, like it's your own. It is obviously more noticeable when you first put it on your hair, but with just a little more blending, no one would ever know that you've cheated. I also don't mind the smell, which doesn't last very long anyway, and that's usually the biggest complaint I hear about baby powder.

What I don't like about dry shampoo is that it leaves your hair feeling horrible and it always makes me immediately want to wash it the very next day. Now, I guess maybe that's the whole point, you use it one day and then you wash it the next, but I need (okay, want) a little longer than one day. I will say that I like the smell it leaves all over my hair, because it makes me feel like it's a real shampoo smell when it blows across my face.

To add another point to the debate, baby powder costs a lot less and lasts so much longer. Over the last couple of months I've gone through two bottles of dry shampoo while there's hardly a dent put in the bottle of baby powder, which is what I use a lot more frequently. I'm pretty sure cost wouldn't be a factor if I found a dry shampoo that I loved more, but 8-10 different kinds later and I'm still searching for the one to beat the body powder. So far, though, Dove is the best one I've used in terms of effectiveness, smell, price, and how it makes your hair feel. I'm constantly on the hunt so if I find a better one, I'll be sure to let you all know. I love recommendations too!

While we're on this topic, here's my usual hair routine:

Day 1- Wash day, blow dry, straighten, use very little styling product
Day 2- Quickly restraighten for touch ups (no product)
Day 3- Curl the ends for volume, baby powder on roots
Day 4- Quickly recurl for touch ups, baby powder on roots
Day 5- If I made it this far, I will always blow dry my hair upside down for a few seconds for added volume and then do the same process as the day before.
I took this picture this morning before I left for work. It's obviously not the best quality (rushed, as usual) but it gives you an idea. I washed my hair late Sunday afternoon and today is Thursday. I will definitely be washing it tomorrow, regardless of how it looks.

Can you go a few days without washing your hair? If so, what do you find works best for you?
I'd love to hear your thoughts so we can add more to this debate!
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  1. I know I already said this but the blonde looks sooo good! Love it! The only reason I usually skip baby powder is because I get it everywhere!

  2. That is a great idea to "train" your hair to go without washes.. I need to do this because I wash/dry/style my hair Everyday. It's exhausting...

  3. I can often go 5 days too without washing my hair - depending on the week. I always use baby powder around day 4 and am able to get at least 1 more day out of it. The problem I have with baby poqder though, is 1. the smell - i feel like I am smelling like a (clean) baby's bum all day and 2. that it leaves a layer of powder on your scalp (noticable if you scratch your head). But, like you, I'd rather not have to wash my hair - I HATE drying and straightening it!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  4. you are so pretty and have the most amazing skin. then i look at my old hag skin #RAGE

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Jealous!!!!!!.. I wish I could train my hair to do this!!! My hair is paper thin and pin straight, so after 18 hours it is already looking oily!!

  6. I use baby powder, but feel like I can only get one day out of not washing my hair. By the end of the day of not washing it I am itching (pun intended) for some real shampoo on my scalp! I have never had much luck with dry shampoo. I've only tried a couple, but I know baby powder works for me so why keep wasting my money on dry shampoo?! I wish I could go a few more days without washing it. I too like the extra sleep in the morning (not that I will have that here soon hahah). Maybe over maternity leave is when I will "train" my hair to go a little longer without washing it :)

    Your hair still looks so fresh and clean!! And that's no teasing it just adding dry shampoo/baby powder and some curls??!

  7. Today would have been Day 5 but I finally broke down this morning and washed it. My hair has never been dyed so its way too healthy (such a problem, I know ha) to do anything with until at least Day 2, usually Day 3. I have tried every single dry shampoo under the sun - I have 8 different kinds on the go right now, trying to find the perfect one. Baby powder is too light for my dark hair :(

  8. Oh wow just noticed you went blonde, love it!

    I've never used dry shampoo or baby powder, I am like the anti product junkie. I generally just put my hair half up day two and all the way up day three. I am tempted to break my anti product ways though and try dry shampoo seeing as I have heard about it's awesomeness from many people.

  9. Your hair looks awesome! I can go about 3 days without hair products and then use dry shampoo on the 4th day. I've tried so many brands of dry shampoo and hated them all except Batiste (found at Ulta or Sephora) works just like baby powder. Batiste has about 4 different scents and some specific for blonde or brunette. Even though I'm blonde, Ive never been ale to use baby powder without making my hair look ashy ;-)

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