A Much Needed Weekend For The Two Of Us

20 August 2014

Well, it seems that I have formed a little addiction over the last few days. And when I say little, you should probably know that I'm flat out lying because there's been nothing small about my obsession with the movie, Divergent. That movie has sucked me in like no other, and I've spent the last three out of four nights watching it over and over again, all while asking myself the entire time why I have to beat everything I love so much to death. I'm just going to go ahead and blame it on the mysterious and dreamy Four because, he, my friends, definitely deserved to be on my tv screen as much as he has been. Have you watched it? Or read the book? I'm hoping to get the book some time this week so I can fuel my addiction and love for it even more.

Okay, so now that you have a better understanding as to why I'm only getting around to talking about my weekend today, on a Wednesday, here's a quick look into it. Although I've been starting to feel like my old self again (you can read about that here), I still thought a relaxing weekend out home to spend some time with my mom sounded perfect. And, as it turned out, it was exactly what I needed. 

ONE// When I woke up Saturday morning, it was a cold and dreary one, but instead of shoving on yoga pants and a hoodie like I normally would to go home, I opted for something a little less gymish but still a lot comfy. I scored the cardigan in the picture above from the Gap a couple of weeks ago for nine dollars and I loved how it looked with the lighter denim jeans.

TWO// As usual, my best bud came with me and kept me company for the two hour drive. It's so funny because as soon as we get about a half hour away, she gets so excited and starts running in the backseat from window to window. She loves seeing her nan as much as I do.

THREE// My home, and still my favourite place. Growing up, I definitely didn't appreciate just how beautiful it is where I live, especially in the summer time. Being completely secluded and surrounded by trees with a pond right near by, it really is the most perfect place.

FOUR// It's also the perfect place to go when a certain someone desperately needs to blow off some steam. Besides mine and my mom's normal routine where we eat chips and watch movies together in the evenings whenever I visit, we spent the majority of the weekend doing fun things with Charley. And I think the picture above shows just how happy she was when we left Sunday evening.

And that definitely made the two of us!

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