Goodbye Summer

September 1st? Wow! I don't know about you guys but whenever the calendar flips over to September, my brain automatically says goodbye to summer and hello to fall, despite what the weather or the actual calendar date might be telling us. But, in our case here in Newfoundland, the weather has been telling us that it's fall for a while now, pretty much for the entire month of August to be exact. Newfoundland is known for having some very unpredictable weather and, in fact, the joke of our province is that you can probably experience the four seasons during any given day. I believe it goes a little something like, "If you don't like the weather in Newfoundland, just wait five minutes". But this summer was really something else. We broke a record for having the hottest month of July since temperature was first recorded, and another one in August for having the most rain in one month in over thirty years. Bipolar, I tell you.

While normally I would be hanging on to summer for dear life, this year I'm really looking forward to starting the season of sweaters, boots, changing leaves, and the instant feelings of crispness and freshness in the air. And although I'm not the biggest fan of pumpkin spiced lattes (I'm sure that sentence just made every blogger disown me), I am still excited to start seeing those five dollar drinks anywhere and everywhere. 

And with all of the talk around kids and teachers going back to school over the last week, I can't help but be reminded of those years of going back to school myself. The new clothes, the new school supplies, the new classes and teachers, it definitely all gave the Type A personality part in me something to be extra happy about. Those feelings of a fresh start is something, to this day, that I still love and crave. And in my opinion, there's not a whole lot that beats the changing of the seasons and those exact same feelings that come along with it.....although I'd probably be okay (and by that I mean definitely okay) with skipping over the season that comes after the next one. I guess for now I should just be focusing on one season at a time though! :)

What are you the most excited about for fall?

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