27 October 2016

I know we've all been engulfed in scarves, falling leaves, and pumpkin spiced lattes (just a normal coffee for me, thanks) for over a month now, but I wanted to do a recap of some of the things that happened over the summer months before the next season of gloves, snow, and Christmas lights are upon us and I can't remember what it's like to feel my toes anymore. FYI- I am so not prepared for that season. Not at all. So, going back in time today for a little bit doesn't sound too bad right about now.

Just like with every other season (except for winter, obviously), this summer went by really quick. Too quick. I know I say that every year, but it seems the last few years are truly flying by at an exponential rate, and that freaks me out a little. I really do believe that waiting for the weekend, or for that exciting thing you have planned next month, or for that next vacation you've been dying to take does an awful lot of damage. Okay, so before I go too far off into that topic, because believe me I could, I'll get back to the subject at hand.

I used the pictures I found on my phone as a guideline to remember what it was that I actually did this summer, so I'm hoping I got everything covered!


The beginning of the month started with a spa day with my friend to celebrate her birthday. We said this year instead of exchanging gifts, we'd take the money and put it towards something that we both could enjoy together. Definitely a great idea! 

My family and I participated in the Shoppers Run for Women race in support of women's mental health in honour of my aunt. This cause is so close to my heart, and we've all agreed that this race will now be a tradition that we'll continue to take part in together every year. Oh, and we were the top fundraising team in our province…way to go us!

I attended two of the nicest bridal showers I've ever been to; my friend and my cousins fiancĂ©. 

Todd lost his grandfather who was one of the kindest and most fascinating men I knew. He sure has been missed, but Todd is happy knowing he was able to spend some time with him and say goodbye before he was gone.

We planted some trees in our backyard, did some work around the outside of our house, and made our usual yearly outing to our favourite place to get flowers.

We hiked two new trails that we've never done before, and after years of hiking the East Coast Trail (over 300 kms of trails), we're on our way to getting them all checked off.


We spent the Canada Day long weekend at our cabin with some friends, which consisted of lots of eating, drinking, fishing, and sitting around the fire. My type of weekend for sure!

A memorial service was held for my aunt, and although it was one of the hardest things that my family ever went through, I think a bit of that closure was good for everyone.

We celebrated my friend at her bachelorette party and had a great (and late) night.

Probably one of the highlights of the summer was our overnight backpacking trip we completed with our friends. It was definitely more challenging than what we thought it was going to be (especially since we didn't plan our timing very good and had to spend the last hour of the day running to find a place where we could pitch our tent so we didn't end up hiking in the dark), but we all felt amazing  after it was done (minus the dirtiness, dehydration and soreness!!). I definitely plan to do this again next summer, especially since we've learned a thing or two from this trip!

We attended our first outdoor movie with chairs, blankets, and lots of snacks (hot coffee was also a must) and it was so much fun being outside with everyone else watching a movie in the middle of a street.

My work threw an amazing Hawaiin themed party and we had so much fun (as evident by the million pictures from the photo booth I came home with later that night). 

My friend visited from Alberta for the first time in two years and it was so nice to see her and her little girl. Whenever we're reunited I'm always reminded that distance can never affect a great friendship.


I visited my sister and her family in Toronto and also attended my cousins wedding while I was there. This was also when I bought my wedding dress!!!!!

I had two other weddings this summer and both of them were so nice (and fun!). It's crazy to think that almost everyone I know is married now! #wemustbegrowingup

We went to the Eastbound Hoe down, a country concert held once a year outside of St. John's, and had a great time partying in our cowboy hats with Todd's brother and sister in law.

My nephew Nathan came to Newfoundland all by himself for a week before the rest of his family joined him. He's growing up so fast, and this summer made me realize that even more. As he would say, "only 5 year olds get to come to Newfoundland all by themselves". So true Nathan, so true!

The end of August my family and I spent a week in Gros Morne National Park. We hiked the beautiful Gros Morne mountain, did a boat tour of the Western Brook Pond, had some fires, played poker, and did some exploring. I love it when all of my family is together; we really do have the best time together.

Oh, and this summer was when we also found that my sister is pregnant again with baby #3. I am over the moon excited and I can't wait to meet my new NIECE in February!

And I think that pretty much sums up my summer. Okay, it's time to resume to our normal fall activities now, summer is officially over….again!  I'm off to light my fall scented candle!

Until next time.

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